The great thing about pre-owned leather boots is that they’ve been broken in. The leather is soft and supple thanks to someone else’s labour, so you’re less likely to get blisters and what not. That can also mean, however, that they might just be a little bigger than they were when they were made. Meaning that even if you order your shoe size, it’s still a bit of a gamble.

Such a pair of pre-broken-in shoes arrived last week. They’re beautiful. I’d been eagerly awaiting their arrival ever since I bought them, and I was thrilled when they showed up on my porch. They slid on easily… and then sort of rattled around on my feet. Nothing a few pairs of socks couldn’t fix, but I didn’t want to be tied to always having to wear two pairs of my thickest socks whenever I wanted to wear my new boots.

My solution? Homemade sheepskin insoles. They’re super easy and work like a charm. They also have the added bonus of adding a layer of insulation to the boots, which are otherwise totally uninsulated, which isn’t really ideal for Calgary winters.

Take a piece of sheepskin and stand your boots up on them. Trim around the edges of the sole for your largest attempt. Stuff them in the boot (ensure they lie flat, of course) and try them on.

If they feel to tight or the sheepskin is bunching uncomfortably in places, pull out the liner and made adjustments with your scissors as needed. Once you’ve got it just the way you like it, you’re done! Et voila. Better fitting, warmer boots!

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