This lightly shimmery body oil is perfect for heading out on New Years Eve. With just a hint of glimmer, you can shimmer and shine in the New Year (without being mistaken for a Show Girl). It also helps soothe parched skin, which is always great at this time of year.


This oil comes together very quickly, and is easily customized. I chose grapeseed oil as the base oil since it absorbs quickly, but you can replace it with any fast-absorbing carrier oil you happen to have on hand. I added a wee bit of capuacu butter to thicken the oil just a little, so the mica stays suspended a bit better. If you don’t have cupuacu, a bit of unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada) or cocoa butter (USA / Canada) will work as well (not coconut oil, though, it’s too soft).


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You can also customize the colour to match your preference/skin tone. All the colour comes from the mica, and is fairly subtle as such, but you can still choose between bronze, copper, gold, and silver (depending on what micas you have on hand, of course). I went with copper in an attempt to fake a bit of a tan.

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Once you’ve settled on those three ingredients, you’re left to choose an essential oil or two. It’s totally optional here. I went with a bit of lavender and bergamot. Now you’re ready to pull everything together, which might take 5 minutes, and then you’ll be ready to bring in the New Year.

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Shimmery Body Oil

10g grapeseed oil
4g capuacu butter
Pinch mica (about 1/16 tsp)

2 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop bergamot essential oil

Melt the grapeseed oil and cupucu butter together.

Use a funnel to get the mica into the bottom of a 15mL bottle.

Remove the oils from the heat once melted and add the essential oils, if using. Swirl to combine.

Pour the liquid oils into the bottle. Cap and shake to blend. Apply directly to the skin and enjoy the shimmer!