I am so excited about this wonderful Silk & Cedar liquid shampoo. It’s loaded with all kinds of goodies for your hair, and once you’ve got your liquid soap paste softened, it comes to together in just a few moments. If you prefer liquid shampoo over shampoo bars, I think you’ll love this homemade version.


I’ve chosen three favourite hair ingredients for this shampoo to make it extra awesome for your hair. The first is silk peptides. Silk is an amazing protein, forming a protective sheen around hair that adds shine and elasticity.


Your hair is mostly keratin, making phytokeratin a great thing to spike your shampoo with. Phytokeratin is plant-derived keratin, and it helps boost shine, strength, moisture, and bounce. It’s a brilliant and easy ingredient to add to all your awesome hair concoctions.


Last but not least, some broccoli seed oil to help moisturize the hair. I’ve chosen broccoli seed oil because it has a wonderful silicone like feel, leaving the hair soft, smooth, and shiny.


The shampoo is finished off with some essential oils. Rosemary essential oil is said to stimulate hair growth, cedarwood essential oil helps with hair loss and dandruff, and geranium essential oil is said to encourage growth and regulate sebum. And, as a plus, they all smell lovely together.

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Smoothing, strengthening, and stimulating—what more could you want from your shampoo?

Silk & Cedar Liquid Shampoo

100g | 3.5oz liquid soap paste, softened

½ tsp silk peptides, silk powder, or silk amino acids
1 tsp phytokeratin
½ tsp broccoli seed oil or camellia seed oil

10 drops rosemary essential oil
20 drops cedar wood essential oil
6 drops geranium essential oil

Soften you soap paste up to the texture you like for your shampoo. I ended up using about 100g (3.5oz) of water, but I’d recommend starting around 70g (2.5oz) and working your way up.

Once you’ve got your softened shampoo, stir in all the other goodies and decant it into a 250mL (8oz) pump-top plastic bottle, and use as you’d usually use shampoo.