This fantastic three-ingredient blackhead banisher is another Mario Badescu dupe. Not only is it cheap and simple to make, but it really does work beautifully. Magically, even. So beautifully you’ll find yourself staring at your pores in the mirror, trying to figure out if you’re imagining things. It’s also faster and easier than a face mask, so if you’ve got troublesome areas that bother you between face masks, it’s a great way to keep up with those.

14-02-10-pic15 14-02-10-pic10 The ingredients are astonishingly simple, and having nothing to do with silver at all. The main ingredient is calcium carbonate, which I didn’t have on hand. But, it turns out egg shells are very high in it, so I made my own (more or less), and that worked out really well.


Next up, white kaolin clay (USA / Canada). One of the cheapest, easiest to find clays around. Brilliant.


Lastly, zinc oxide. Also inexpensive and easy to source. And that’s it! Can you believe it?


The only time consuming/bothersome part about this recipe is making the calcium carbonate from the egg shells, so I’d recommend making more than you’ll need and keeping it on hand just in case I find another use for it in the future, haha.


To start with, you’ll need egg shells. I saved mine from breakfasts over the course of a week or so, and ended up using shells from about 10 eggs. To start with, I rinsed them out and boiled them for about 15 minutes. I recommend using a greatly over-sized pot for this task as the leftover bits of egg white in the shells created a gooey network as they cooked, and that boiled over into a nice mess.

14-02-10-pic04 14-02-10-pic05

Once the shells were boiled, I baked them in a 300°F oven to dry them out.

14-02-10-pic06 14-02-10-pic07

Once that was done, I used my DIY coffee grinder to blend them into a fine powder. Make sure you are very generous with your blending times as it does take a while to get to a powdery stage as opposed to a small bits (that are really abrasive on the face) stage.

14-02-10-pic08 14-02-10-pic16

Anyhow, once that’s done, all that’s left is to blend the ingredients together in your coffee grinder, and you’re done. Score!

Silver Powder for Banishing Blackheads

2 tbsp calcium carbonate (or pulverized egg shells)
1 ½ tbsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
1 tbsp zinc oxide

Begin by putting on your dust mask. Blend all the ingredients together in a coffee grinder. Decant to a small jar.

To use, moisten a cotton ball and dip into the powder. Spread across troublesome areas of your face. Let dry, rinse off, and admire your fantastically empty pores!


Ooooh, clean pores.

Ooooh, clean pores.