I’m often asked about my skin care routine, especially for my face, so I thought I’d write about what I do, and how I do it. Here we go!


I figure I’ll start with an overview of what I’m working with. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it’s pretty darn dry there all year round. As a result, I tend to have dry skin. I’m not dry if I’m somewhere humid, but I’m usually not, so there you have it. My hands and lips are generally the driest.


Acne-wise, my face is fairly well behaved. It can be provoked, but it doesn’t seem to pick fights, so that’s nice. You might find what I do doesn’t work well for you if your skin is very acne prone. My skin is also fairly middle-ground on the sensitive scale, so you may find some things I love don’t mesh well with very sensitive skin.


We’ll start with the every single day stuff. Lip balm is pretty much the only thing I know I’ll use every single day. I love my Naked Lip Balm, my Peppermint Cocoa Lip Balm, and my Rose Spearmint Lip Balm right now, but all my lip balms are pretty darn awesome.


After lip balm, the closest thing I have to an every single day thing is argan oil. I might apply it two or three times a day in the winter, and I might miss a day in the summer if it’s particularly humid. I love argan oil (USA / Canada) as my all-purpose moisturizer. I find it helps heal up zits and booboos faster than usual thanks to its high Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) content, and it leaves my skin hydrated and happy, and not at all greasy.


For washing my face, I generally choose between a clay bar or a cleansing balm. I’ll also end up testing various concoctions I’m developing, so my face washing routine is hardly consistent. If I’m having a particularly zitty time, I break out the African black soap, which is incredible for all things zit related (I’m looking at you, backne). I’ll also just use some all-in-one soap if I’m in the shower and I think of it.


I always make a point of doing a weekly clay face mask—the type where I’ll make a paste with some kind of clay and some kind of liquid, and leave it on for twenty minutes or so before rinsing it off. I have lots of recipes for different clay masks on my site, and that’s evidence of how I rarely use the same mask twice. As long as it’s clay + liquid the basic effect seems to do the trick for me.

14-02-15-pic09 14-02-10-pic15

If I do get a zit, I have quite the arsenal of weaponry to come at it with. I try to keep things on my chin and nose at bay with my silver powder. Drying lotion is brilliant for zits that are just starting to rear their ugly heads, especially if I can manage to leave them alone otherwise. I’ll often also try whatever it is I’m currently developing for a new recipe.

14-07-27-pic15 14-07-12-pic10 14-07-14-pic21

For the rest of my body, I tend to use whatever body butters and lotions I have on hand for dry skin (you can get a fairly good idea of what those might be by looking at the recipes for those things I’ve posted in the last six months, haha). I’ll use a sugar scrub if I’m feeling particularly dry, and a good foot soak is wonderful in the summer when I’m running around barefoot. Tiger balm is fantastic for sore muscles, and it also does a good job of taking the itch out of bug bites. I wash with whatever homemade all-in-one bar of soap I happen to have in the shower.



And I think that’s about it! I’m pretty low maintenance, and the vast majority of what I use is handmade by yours truly. Large parts of my skincare routine aren’t consistent because I’m constantly testing new things, but when I find something I really love, it stays on the list.

So, that’s me—what do you love?