I thought of this one day as I was biking home from work. I was flying down a hill in a rather industrial part of time, really hoping today wasn’t the day I’d get hit by a dump truck, and I started thinking about hair mist. That’s just how my brain works, I guess. (Spoiler: I didn’t get hit by a dump truck). Anyhow, it seemed like a great idea, so I went home and made it. And it was.


I’ve been slowly amassing ingredients that are supposed to be awesome for your hair, so the basic idea was to try putting them all into one hair mist and see what happened. Not overly complicated, but I’m thrilled with the end result.



The base of the spray is just water, but you could use aloe vera juice or chamomile tea if you’re feeling fancy. After that, I added a bit of silk peptide because of “the shine, elasticity, and smooth feel it provides to hair. [This becomes] apparent after it dries and turns into a protective crystalline film that is less sticky than collagen or keratin.” So far, so good.


Up next was some phytokeratin—plant derived keratin. “In hair care preparations, Phytokeratin enhances the hair moisture binding ability giving sparkle, shine and bounce,” so obviously it was another no-brainer.



Next was some bamboo bioferment. Touted as “nature’s silicone”, it improves both slip and shine in hair (read: detangling powers!). Lastly, some vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada) (to boost the ability of the hair to hold the moisture from the mist) and just a wee bit of jojoba oil (USA / Canada). I rounded it out with some rose absolute and cape snowbush essential oil. The cape snowbush really brightens the rose and adds a nice crispness that keeps it from being too sweet.


The final mist boosts shine, leaves my hair feeling wonderfully smooth, and really helps prevent tangles. I’m in love!


Sleek & Shiny Hair Mist

20 drops jojoba oil (USA / Canada), camellia seed oil, or argan oil (USA / Canada)
3 drops rose absolute
2 drops cape snowbush essential oil
25 drops solubilizer/polysorbate 20 (optional)

85g | 3oz distilled water
5g | 0.17oz vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada)
5g | 0.17oz bamboo bioferment
5g | 0.17oz phytokeratin
1 tsp silk peptide (need a substitute?)

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Mix the jojoba, essential oils, and solubilizer together in a small bowl.

Whisk in the glycerin, bamboo bioferment, and phytokeratin together in another small bowl. Add a small amount of the water and whisk the silk peptide in.

Slowly whisk in the rest of the water and the preservative, and then whisk in the oil mixture.

Decant to a 120mL/4 fl oz mister bottle. Use on the hair, avoiding getting too much on the roots so your hair doesn’t end up looking oily.