I love dropping a bit of lavender essential oil on my pillows at night before I go to sleep, but in drop form you end up with small drops of highly concentrated scent, which manages to be both simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming, depending on where your nostrils end up.


Solubilizer is an awesome ingredient that lets you emulsify oils in water. Emulsifying wax also emulsifies, but it requires a 75% water/25% oil ratio, and will always give you something with lotion-y consistency as the wax thickens things. Great for lotions, but I don’t always want everything to be nice and creamy. Especially if I’m planning on spritzing it on my pillow. Ew.


So, solubilizer lets you emulsify oils in water without creating a creamy concoction. This makes it great for things like toner and room/linen sprays.


For this sleepy time pillow spray I choose essential oils of chammomile and lavender. Both are calming, and happen to smell wonderful when combined.

Sleepy Time Pillow Spray

7g solubilizer
4g lavender essential oil
3g chamomile essential oil

10g distilled water

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Stir the solubilizer together with the essential oils in a small dish.

Pour the water into a small glass bottle that you have a spray/atomizer lid for. Pour in the solubilizer mixture & preservative, screw the lid on tight, and shake.

Et voila! Pillow spray!