I thought I’d mark Valentine’s Day with this popping pink lip gloss. It gets its bright colour from carmine (just like my lip stain), and though it’s almost shockingly pink in the tube, it goes on with just a slight pinkish tint and a bit of shine. A wee hint of peppermint adds a tingly pop as well.

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As with most lip glosses, this one is almost entirely oil. I chose castor oil (USA / Canada) for its shine, and the rest for their great moisturizing properties. You’ll notice this recipe has far less beeswax than a lip balm recipe, which makes sense when you remember that lip gloss isn’t a solid (not if you’re applying it with a wand, at least).

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I’ve also included some vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada) for two reasons—because carmine is water soluble (giving it something to dissolve in so you don’t end up with gritty bits of pink in your lip gloss), and for extra shine. This way I’m able to dissolve the carmine into the vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada), which is an emulsifier, and then emulsify the glycerin/carmine mixture into the oils. The glycerin also lends some extra shine and softness to the final product.

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I chose to add a bit of peppermint essential oil (USA / Canada) to my lip gloss, but this is totally up to you. Feel free to use something different, or use nothing at all.

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The final lip gloss is nicely moisturizing, smooth, and just pink enough for a bit of colour. It’s also not sticky or sickly sweet and fake tasting like so many lip glosses from the store. Score!

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Snow White Lip Gloss

3g | 0.1oz beeswax (USA / Canada)
6g | 0.21oz virgin coconut oil
16g | 0.56oz castor oil (USA / Canada)
10g | 0.35oz jojoba oil (USA / Canada)
1g | 0.03oz Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)

4g | 0.14oz vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada)
1/16 tsp carmine (I use these tiny measuring spoons for tiny measurements like this)

8 drops peppermint essential oil (USA / Canada) (optional)

Measure the beeswax and oils out into a small dish or measuring cup and melt over boiling water. Remove from the heat and let cool.

As the oils are melting, measure out the vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada) and carmine into another small dish and stir together until there are no clumps of carmine.

Once the oils have cooled to room temperature, add the carmine mixture and whisk everything together until emulsified (this should happen quickly and easily).

Decant into squeezy tubes or hard tubes with a wand lid (a syringe or funnel helps greatly here).

This recipe will fill four 10mL tubes or jars.

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