I’m having a bit of a love affair with fancy white powders. Mostly micas and glitters—irredescent ones that colour shift are my favourite right now. When I visited New York in October I placed a pre-emptive TKB Trading order and scooped up sample sized baggies of all kinds of colour-shifty stunning micas and glitters and added them to some other beauties from Windy Point and YellowBee and now… well, now I have a very packed box labelled “Fancy White Powders” in my basement (you’ll be pleased to hear I had no issues getting said fancy white powders through airport security). Surveying my lovely collection of magical white powders I got to thinking I should make some wicked highlighters out of them, and with the Snowflake theme on deck for this holiday season, Snowflake Moon Drops were pretty much irresistible.

How to Make Snowflake Moon Drops

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I first whipped up my Highlighting Moon Drops back in the spring, and they remain one of my favourite things both to make and to wear. They come together incredibly quickly, and making them a really easy way to get to know (and wear!) new micas. I love the versatility and glidey, dry-touch finish of them thanks to the silica microspheres. Swoon. Moon Drops are basically speed dating with micas, but without all the awkward small talk and answering the same questions about yourself a dozen times over.

How to Make Snowflake Moon Drops

How to Make Snowflake Moon Drops

I definitely realize that 90% of these Moon Drop blends are the precise micas, so I have linked to those, but I also get that you might not have them or want them (though watching the video and seeing them in action might change your mind!), so keep in mind that these are super customizable. If you’ve been Snowflaking with me all season you’ve probably got some white-silver mica and some glitter around, and those things will make some beautiful sparkly-snow inspired highlighters for you, too. Play with it! The batches are small and require little more that a bit of scooping, some drop counting, and then whisking everything together with a toothpick.

How to Make Snowflake Moon Drops

 Want to watch this recipe instead of read it?

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Snowflake Moon Drops

0.05g | 1/64 tsp silica microspheres
0.6g | 25 drops Neossance™ Hemisqualane

3/32–2/16 tsp (0.2g–0.35g) mica and/or glitter

#1: Solstice
1/8 tsp diamond cluster

#2: Prairie Glow
3/32 tsp hilite gold
1/32 tsp gold dust

#3: Whiteout
3/32 tsp travel to Neptune
1/32 tsp Iridescent Super Sparkle glitter

#4: Afternoon Dusk
1/8 tsp hilite violet

#5: January
1/8 tsp blue sparks

#6: Flurries
3/32 tsp snow queen
1/32 tsp shooting stars

Measure the silica and fractionated coconut oil into a 3g jar or 5g jar, and stir them together with a toothpick. Add the mica, and stir everything together until smooth. That’s it!

Definitely be sure to watch the video to see the colour-shifting in action. Swoon!


  • You can use fractionated coconut oil or another lightweight oil (like squalene, safflower oil, sunflower oil, etc.) instead of the hemisqualane
  • You can use sericite mica instead of the silica microspheres
  • You can add 1/32 pigment (carmine, red lake, iron oxide, etc.) to create an amazing high-pigment lip colour (thanks, Abigail!)

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