Today we’re whipping up something fun and different—a Sourdough Body Cream. I had a blast developing and testing this DIY! This is a great way to start using fun and beneficial fermented ingredients in your DIY skincare in an easy, accessible way.

How to Make Sourdough Body Cream

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In addition to the ferment-y goodness in this cream, it’s also vegan and smells absolutely fantastic all on its own. It’s positively mouthwatering. You could incorporate a hydrosol or herbal infusion if you wanted to (I think a bit of rosemary would be great), but I encourage you to try it as written at least once.

Something else that’s really neat about this Sourdough Body Cream is that it’s made entirely from ingredients that you can buy at any grocery store, so it’s super accessible, no matter where you live.

I do recommend packaging this Sourdough Body Cream in a wide-mouthed tin or jar after it has cooled; it’s far too thick to work in a pump-top bottle or squeeze tube.

Sourdough Body Cream

20% April
30% Fool’s
50% Joke 😄

I hope you got a bit of a chuckle out of this! I do not recommend putting sourdough starter in your skincare products, but it makes a very delicious bread 😄

Thanks so much to my patron Annie for this idea!


Gifting Disclosure

The tin was gifted by YellowBee.