Whenever I buy a pair of new jeans I’m always treated to a period where my legs appear to be horribly bruised from the dye rubbing off the jeans. Since I rarely buy new jeans I usually forget about the dye thing, and then end up wondering what on earth I did to myself to entirely bruise both thighs.

I recently bought two pairs of jeans in close enough proximity to one another that I remembered the dye thing by the time I bought the second pair. So I remembered to do something to fix it.

And you know what fixed it? Vinegar. I started off by placing the new jeans in a plastic bucket. Then I added boiling water, colder water, and a few good glugs of vinegar. I let that soak for a while (an hour or two), and then washed the jeans in the washing machine with more vinegar.

Hang to dry and voila. No more dye leak. Perfect.