I’ve got lots of ingredients, but I’ve got no problems playing favourites. Here are the ingredients I’m loving right now—stay tuned for them in upcoming recipes 🙂



Olive squalane
I’ve been hearing wonderful things about olive sqaulane for ages, and Saffire Blue finally sells it, so I scooped up a bottle as soon as I could. The lipid composition of squalane is very close to that of human skin, making it a highly compatible moisturizer that’s great for fighting damage, softening, boosting healing, and assorted anti-aging applications. It’s thin, silky smooth, and absorbs into the skin quickly and easily. I can’t wait to start playing with it!


This rather unassuming white powder has weaseled its way into a lot of my projects this summer due to being awesome. Allantoin can be derived from a variety of natural things like comfrey, but is usually chemically synthesized (I am ok with this as it can also be derived from urine, and I’d prefer that not to be one of many possible “natural sources”). It’s a wonderful healer—it promotes cellular replication, encouraging the healing of burns and other booboos. Common in everything from lipstick to diaper creme to anti-acne products, it’s safe (o/10 on Skin Deep) and awesome.


Petitgrain essential oil
Petitgrain essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree—the same tree that gives us the far more expensive neroli essential oil. Petitgrain smells bright and citrussy, but it is also dry and intriguing—I can’t quite put my finger on it. I love a drop or two of it with floral scents or other citrus essential oils to tone down their sweetness and add an herbaceous note. It’s also great for adding a citrussy note to body products without the photosensitizing effects of citrus peel essential oils.


Rose floral wax
When this wonderful wax arrived in my latest Saffire Blue order, it was the first thing I smelled when I opened the box. If you love the smell of roses, you’ll be in heaven with this soft floral wax. It smells exactly like roses, and is a fairly affordable way to get natural rose scent in your products at about $5 for 10g (which goes pretty far).


Cade essential oil
I know, my love of smokey things is getting a bit cliché, but hear me out here. I have a few different smokey essential oils, but this one smells just like a campfire. When Sarah and I were devising Canadian scent blends we huffed the wee bottle of cade a lot, dreaming of campgrounds and s’mores. A little goes a long way, though—a mere drop in your diffuser will leave your room smelling like a campfire for days.


Michelia Alba Leaf essential oil
This intriguing, exotic essential oil is sweet with a hunt of sour, green undertones. It’s bright and uplifting, and is a fantastic addition to woodsy and citrussy scent blends in small amounts.


Saje Aroma Cloud diffuser
This wonderful little ultrasonic nebulizer has a permanent home on the windowsill near my bed. It burbles out cool mist laced with essential oils, fills my room with calming and cleansing negative ions, and looks like the cutest little egg. I love falling asleep listening to it babble away like a wee brook.


Coffee Essential Oil
This essential oil smells like the purest coffee, and is perfect for adding hints of coffee to anything and everything. I’m loving it paired with cocoa butter (USA / Canada) for mocha-scented body goodies 🙂


Silk Peptides
Silk peptides aren’t a new ingredient for me, but I’m loving them more than ever these days. Silk is a great natural protein that is quite close in composition to hair and skin. It helps strengthen hair and skin and add a silky sheen, and is a great at regulating moisture, making it a fantastic addition to hair and body products.


Bandits Oil
I’ve been finding my Bandits Oil is my go-to essential oil blend for any and all cleaning applications (and more). As a potent antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal blend that smells great to boot, it’s got a permanent spot on my shelf. From a batch of extra-stinky laundry to salves, balms, and deodorizing powers, it’s wonderfully versatile and great to have on hand.