I keep getting Groupon/Dealfind/HolyCrapThat’sCheap deal offers for something called “microderm abrasion.” It’s always rather expensive for something that sounds very painful. And is also very easy to do yourself at home for about 25¢.

It’s easy to find homemade exfoliation recipes online. What I like about this one is it’s fairly easy to clean up, all things considered. Anything with oatmeal, bran, or other non-dissolvable things will require a very thorough tub-scrubbing. This one is just three things; salt, sugar, and oil. You can add essential oils if you want. Yes, your tub/shower will need a wipe-down (try not to kill yourself on the oily tub floor), but at least you won’t have to vaccuum it as well.

Once you’ve mixed everything together, all you have to do is scrub yourself down in the shower, and rinse it off. The oil in the recipe ensures your skin will be moisturized and silky smooth.

Super DIY Exfoliation Mix

3 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp table salt
2 tbsp oil of choice (I used avocado and jojoba)
Essential oils of choice (I used cinnamon, peru balsam, clove, and ginger)

Mix everything together to make a paste. Rub your skin down with it and rinse off.