A few days ago a friend of mine mentioned that he intended to buy a draught stopper (one of those little weighed tubes of fabric that you put at the base of a door to stop air from leaking in or out). I was appalled. Who buys something like that? So I made one for him.

It’s super easy. Just one piece of fabric, three seams, and some rice. Cut a rectangle of fabric that’s about 15cm wide, and as long as the door (plus seam allowance).

Fold it in half and sew the ends and side together, leaving a 10cm gap about halfway along to fill it with.

Trim the corners, turn the tube inside out, and iron it flat.

Fill it partway with dry rice; enough to spread across the bottom of the entire tube.

Slip-stitch the tube closed. Voila! Draught stopper!

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