Now that I have a big person job I find myself defying my non-girly convictions and acquiring shoes. Nothing on the Carrie Bradshaw scale to be sure, but I now find myself with more than five pairs of shoes, I’m having a bit of a storage issue. And a finding both shoes issue. Fortunately, I had a spare closet door.

I hit up Home Depot for some little brass screw hooks. After scrubbing a significant amount of decade old masking tape residue off the back of the door I marked out four vertical lines. Your shoe size will dictate how far apart those lines should be. I think mine were about 11″ apart.

After that, start screwing in hooks. Go one at a time, working with the shoes you’ll be using to figure out how far apart the hooks should be.

Et voila. You can now store your shoes on the back of a door that was previously unused. And you won’t have any issues finding matching pairs. Awesome.

If you have any leftover hooks, they’re great for hanging belts, scarves, and other hangy-type things.