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Even Better Makeup Brush Cleanser

Over the last year or so I've been working on all kinds of different waterproof makeup formulas—a gel eyeliner, in particular, is a big goal of mine, as is a long-wearing liquid lipstick. While the formulas still need work before they will stay on my face for ages, I...

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Lemongrass Gradient Soap

I'm so excited to share these beautiful bars of soap with you guys! I tried a new technique—a gradient (or ombre) pour—for the very first time, and I love how it turned out. These bars are inspired by all things lemongrass, with that herbal-citrus scent and a slow...

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Mango Mango Whipped Sugar Scrub

Today we're making a fluffy pot of oh-so-happy mango scented whippy bath time fun in the form of an emulsified Mango Mango Whipped Sugar Scrub. This soft scrub is packed with sparkly, scrubby sugar, decadent mango scent, and skin-loving goodness. It comes together...

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Pemberley Conditioning Body Butter

Brace yourself for this Pemberley Conditioning Body Butter, as it is divine. This is a continuation of the Pemberley series I kicked off in February with my Pemberley Hand Lotion, featuring the same stunning scent blend and general theme of luxury. As I was trying to...

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Silky Cream Foundation

I'm really excited to share this recipe with you guys—it's a formula that's been heavily requested, and I've been working on it and testing it for months now. This is a beautiful solid cream foundation that you can put in a compact or a stick for easy application. It...

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Micellar Water for Waterproof Makeup

Today were taking something really simple (DIY micellar water) and amping up its cleansing power so it easily removes waterproof makeup. It's a super simple modification to a more standard micellar water recipe and I think you'll be pretty stoked about the results!...

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