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Strawberry Rose Toning Facial Mist

Today we're creating a beautiful summery Strawberry Rose Toning Facial Mist—a fruity floral hydrating skin treat designed to soothe and moisturize your skin. I'm really enjoying it towards the end of my skin care routine and throughout the day for an added boost of...

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Rosé Whipped Body Butter

I am straight-up smitten with the whippy texture and skin feel of this Rosé Whipped Body Butter. It's fluffy and rich (like marshmallow fluff!) in the jar, but starts to melt quickly on skin contact. It glides across the skin lightly before absorbing in a flash,...

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Rich Strawberry Rose Hair Conditioner

If you're looking for a richer hair conditioner to pamper your lovely locks with, I think you're going to like this Rich Strawberry Rose Hair Conditioner. A fragrant blend of summery hydrosols blends with some rich conditioners and moisturizers to create an indulgent...

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Pemberley Foaming Facial Cleanser

This gentle Pemberley Foaming Facial Cleanser boasts the loveliest dense, creamy lather and a mouth-watering scent blend. It's bright, sweet, and slightly spicy with deep rose and juicy citrus notes. Making-wise, it comes together so quickly that I suspect it'll take...

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Sweetgrass After Sun Body Mist

With summer in full swing (Happy August long weekend!) a refreshing and simple Sweetgrass After Sun Body Mist sounded like just the thing to add to my skincare arsenal. This lovely mist works to hydrate and soothe skin after sun exposure, or whenever you're feeling...

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Rosé Cream Blush

Today we're continuing our Rosé DIY series with a lovely Rosé Cream Blush. Instead of working with a rosé wine inspired scent blend, this creamy pot of colour takes its inspiration from the cheery pink colour of rosé. It'll lend a similar pinky, summery flush to your...

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