Sweetgrass Gel Moisturizer

This silky, softly-scented gel moisturizer has become a fast favourite in my skin care routine. It’s beautifully light and packed with things my skin loves. It is focussed on lightweight hydration, making it the perfect thing to sandwich between skin cleansers and more occlusive products like lotions and oil serums in your skin care routine. I know many of you have been asking for a gel moisturizer—hopefully this Sweetgrass Gel Moisturizer fits the bill!

How to Make Sweetgrass Gel Moisturizer


Rosé Leave-In Hair Conditioner

I can hardly believe it, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared a formula for a leave-in hair conditioner before. I’ve had plenty of requests, but somehow such a thing has slipped through the cracks—until now! This lightweight Rosé Leave In Hair Conditioner helps hydrate, smooth, and re-vitalize hair between washes, and it smells delightful to boot!

How to Make Rosé Leave-In Hair Conditioner


Soothing Facial Lotion

Today we’re continuing our soothing series with this beautiful Soothing Facial Lotion. It’s a fairly lightweight facial lotion, positively packed with potent moisturizers, skin-soothing actives, and ingredients that help strengthen barrier function so your skin can be on its best behaviour while we wait for warmer days.

How to Make Soothing Facial Lotion


Sugar Plum Facial Lotion

I start planning out Christmas recipes in the summer and typically have everything more-or-less nailed down by the end of September. This formula wasn’t in the original plan, but I am so in love with plum oil right now that I couldn’t not make some sort of decadent lotion with it. It is just so downright swoon-worthy with its marzipan-y scent and golden colour and just… sigh. So, here we are, with a bonus Christmas 2018 recipe because I simply had to. Many apologies 😉

How to Make Sugar Plum Facial Lotion


Sea Buckthorn Glow Serum

This simple formula stars a few beautiful plant-sourced oils to create a vitamin rich, antioxidant packed, anti-inflammatory skin serum. With its velvety skin feel, soft nutty scent, and rich slip it’s become a quick favourite in my nightly skincare routine. Like all oil serums it’s pretty simple to make, too—we’re merely mixing together a few beautiful oils. After that it’s all about letting the ingredients shine as part of a medley of fantastic plant-derived goodness.

How to make a Sea Buckthorn Glow Serum


Center Stage Glow Serum

This project was inspired by one of the first bits of makeup I ever fell in love with. When I was growing up my mom made a point of taking advantage of those “spend $X and get this miraculous goody bag of sample-sized treats for free” at the Estée Lauder makeup counter at The Bay, meaning she’d often come home with a tote bag of things that she didn’t have much use for—so I got to inherit some of it! The thing that stuck out most was the cutest little tube (it might’ve been 3mL!) of something called Spotlight. It’s since been discontinued, but I remember being utterly smitten with its soft pink hue, hint of shimmer, and ability to make my still-amazing-because-I-was-12 skin look extra radiant. I liked it enough to actually attempt to purchase it, but 12 year old me nearly fainted when she found out it was a couple months worth of allowance, and decided she could do without it. Anyhow, for some reason I got to thinking about this product a couple weeks ago and thought “Hey! I could do that!”.

How to Make Center Stage Glow Serum


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