London Fog Lip Balm

I am quite smitten with this glossy, fragrant London Fog Lip Balm. Inspired by the lovely latte made with Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup, it conjures up memories of misty days wandering cobblestone lined streets with a woolen jacket and a chunky scarf. Perhaps you’re wearing a pair of knee-high boots and carrying a worn leather bag carrying a favourite book and a stamped postcard in need of a postbox. There’s a café in the square up ahead where you’ll warm up with a London Fog and do some people watching from a booth in the corner. There’s something just lovely about misty cities.

How to Make London Fog Lip Balm

How to Make London Fog Lip Balm


Lavender Vanilla Soap

This pretty speckled, swirl-topped soap smells of soft lavender and vanilla. It brings to mind warm, dry summer days in Provence (in my imagination, at least). I can see pretty pastel-painted wooden furniture, bundles of lavender hanging to dry in the window, and a basket of fresh produce on the counter. A bar of this soap rests in a chipped porcelain dish next to the wash basin, with a striped dish towel hanging nearby.




Secret Garden: A Perfume

This lovely, summery perfume is an uplifting blend of floral and fruity, with a soft, sweet base. It has the sweetness of a well-tended garden on a hot summer day, and an exotic undercurrent that I find both exciting and intriguing.


Something about this blend makes me think of a first date on a summer afternoon that’s just going brilliantly. One of those dates where neither of you want to go home, so you go for a walk after grabbing a tea, and then grab drinks, and then just wander around until you well and truly have to part, well after the sun has set. One of those dates.


Christmas Eve Pillow Mist

While I was dreaming up this year’s Christmas projects, I really loved the idea of a Christmas Eve Pillow Mist—something you could spritz over your bed before crawling between the sheets and listening for reindeer on the roof. I decided to give it a bit of a twist, though, and stray a touch from the typical Christmas scent blends.



L’Occitane Lavender Hand Lotion

One day, on a flight, before I was DIYing up everything in sight, my seat-mate used the most delicious smelling lotion I’d ever encountered. Soft and delicate, lavender, but not quite. It was fantastic. I asked the woman about it, and she just gave me the tube. She’d bought it at the L’Occitane shop at the departing airport, and wasn’t that attached to it, I guess. I’m not usually one to accept gifts of lotion from total strangers, but I made an exception for this one.




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