Natural Haircare: 2 Years In

It’s now been over two years (25 months, technically!) since I’ve ditched store bought hair products, and my hair is happier than ever. I feel like I really “know” my hair now—that without all the artificial crap I know all about its true texture, scent, and overall attitude (ability to hold styles, cooperativeness, desire to tie itself in knots, etc.). I’d say it’s been a definite improvement, and I would never go back. While my hair has more or less settled (I’m not noticing any changes to it anymore beyond seasonal ones), I’m still learning things. Here’s what I’ve figured out since the 18 month mark.

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BBQed Veggie & Halloumi Sandwich

After I invented this sandwich I had it for dinner 3 nights in a row. Yum. It’s loaded with veggies and all kinds of great vegetarian fats and proteins, it’s messy to eat, and it is delicious.


Oddly enough, I love the messiness of this sandwich. It drips, slips, and is perfect with sweet potato fries on a sunny patio with a beer. Squeaky halloumi, creamy avocado, goat cheese, and a stack of all the best roasted vegetables. Utterly fantastic.


Coral Lipstick

I first fell in love with the colour coral when I fell in love with the dinner dress from Titanic. The beautiful silk/taffeta under dress is a fantastic coral colour, and from there on out… love. It’s a fantastically flattering colour clothing and cosmetics. I love it in blushes and lip colour, and it’s great in eyeshadow if you have pinkish undertones (I don’t, so I end up looking like I have an eye infection if I put anything red near my eyes). Anyhow, this beautiful coral lipstick is fantastic. Great coverage, wonderfully smooth, and with a great pop of peppermint for freshness.




Honey Bee Facial

Debbi has been encouraging me to smear my face with raw honey as of late, and I have to say—I liked the idea. I’ve read a lot of fantastic things about raw honey. It’s a fantastic natural antibiotic ointment (it’s also anti-fungal and anti-viral), a humectant (it attracts moisture), an anti-inflammatory, and it’s loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria. Perfect for healing up, err, imperfections and encouraging your skin to behave itself.

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