Coconut Pancakes

These amazing coconut pancakes are rich, thick, and fluffy, with a lightly crispy exterior that will have you doubting the quality of all your previous pancake experiences. They started as a bit of an experiment. An “we’re out of milk but I still want pancakes” experiment. Craig did not have a whole lot of faith in this experiment initially, but I won him over with the test pancake. Yum.

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Deadly Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies are often so disappointing. You always come into them with very high hopes. They’re always deep and dark—practically black—and just promising deliciously rich chocolate delight. And then… they unusually aren’t. And it’s sad. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (oddly enough, Subway is one…). These cookies are definitely one of those exceptions, and as a bonus, they do not require you to take yourself to a sandwich shop that smells almost-but-not-quite like real freshly baked bread. Also, you can have as many as you like without pretending you’re getting cookies for 15 people and/or worrying about getting a curiously disgusted look from your teenage cashier.

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Cooling Summer Peppermint Mask

It’s my birthday! Yay! I’m spending it at one of my favourite places—our family cottage in Manitoba. To celebrate, I will be laying in the sun, reading a good book, drinking some beer, doing dock yoga, and eating awesome chocolate cake. And, to celebrate, I wanted to share this fun face mask, designed for warm weather (which I love more than anything). It’s cool and warm and tingly, and I feel like it’s a great thing to share today since I’m super passionate about face masks—they are awesome, and have totally revolutionized my skin care.

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The Best Chocolate Cake You Will Ever Have

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I am the person in charge of birthday baking at my office. We’re a small company, and after I learned that sub-par grocery store cakes were the standard for employee birthdays, I hijacked the responsibility. Nobody has complained so far. Quite the opposite, in fact.


This cake has kind of made me famous. Well, as famous as you can be in a company of less than 20 people. This is the cake that everyone gets excited about. They hyperventilate a little, or gasp, or hug me, and I can watch their eyes grow large, like I just told a kid that tomorrow is surprise Christmas. I am not exaggerating, this cake really is that good.


Smoked Paprika & Lentil Soup

Calgary’s new Bite Groceteria & Café, is my newest food muse. I recently stopped by, and while I managed to stop myself from buying a slab of their beautiful milk chocolate cheesecake, I did indulge in a wide variety of cheeses, some marinated artichokes, and a beautiful tin of hot, smoked paprika. Mmm. I could smell it through the sealed tin and knew I had to have it.

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Red Thai Dragon Bowl

The ReBar cookbook has been popping up all over in my life these days. First a copy of it as a Christmas gift, then a cake at a birthday party, and a copy on coffee tables at dinner parties here and there. The chocolate cake would have been enough of an endorsement on its own, but every owner of a copy also had glowing things to say.

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