Anti-Cramp Oil

This one is for the ladies. Sorry, gents. Just be glad you don’t need it and go read something else. Perhaps this entry on chocolate chip cookies (they’re delicious). Anyhow—this oil is for those rather unladylike cramps that tend to surface on an irritatingly regular basis. It’s loaded with essential oils designed to reduce pain, increase circulation, and relax muscles. And it helps, which is rather the point, so that’s good.

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Handmade Sushi

Unlike chocolate, homemade sushi isn’t a difficult thing to make at home, and you can quickly surpass the stuff you get at the store—especially if you like vegetarian sushi. And especially if you don’t live in Vancouver or some other seaside sushi haven.

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Valentines Day Feast Menu

Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is like going shopping in that last week before Christmas, except now you’re forcing someone to come with you. It’s a rather odd ritual, when you think about it. When was the last time you thought “Gee, I’d really like to share an intimate, heartwarming, candlelit meal with my significant other, 40 other couples, and a waiter?”.


Anyhow, that’s why I think a homemade meal is the best way to go. Not just any meal, though—a feast. A feast worthy of love and leftovers. And whenever I think feast, I think Indian. It’s easier than you think to whip yourself up a miniature buffet as most of the prep overlaps—use your food processor to chop up a few onions, and then to make a garlic/ginger paste. After that you pretty much just have to sauté the onions, garlic, and ginger with different spices, add some veggies/lentils/etc., top it off with broth/tomatoes/cream/coconut milk, and let simmer. Do that a few times, et voila. Feast.


Grandpa Jim

I’m sorry to say that my grandfather, Grandpa Jim, passed away early on December 18th. While most of you did not know him, I wanted to take some time to share some of my favourite memories and photos of him. I’ve been spending the last few days sifting through all my happy memories of growing up with Grandpa in Calgary.

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Grandma Arden’s Butter Tarts

These are my dad’s favourite treat. They’re quintessentially Canadian, ooey, gooey, sweet, and delicious. You can make them with nuts or without, though the raisins are rather required (someday I will get around to switching them out for something like currants or dried blueberries and see how that works. I suspect it will be delicious.).

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Delicious Red Thai Curry

Thai Curry has long been one of my favourite quick and easy, veggie-loaded dinners. You can use almost any assortment of vegetables, and whatever meat or fish you have hanging about (or nuts of tofu if you’re going veggie). The whole curry can be made from start to finish whilst the rice cooks, and then you’ve got yourself a brilliant, flavourful dinner in no time at all.