Lemon Meringue Soap

This soap is inspired by pie. Delicious, bright, lemon meringue pie. The real thing is made from puckering sweet and sour lemon curd and topped with airy whipped egg whites. My version is a lovely blend of oils, spiked with lemon and litsea cubeba essential oils and coloured to match its tribute pie. It doesn’t taste as nice, but I think your soap dish will appreciate a bit of citrussy dessert.



Cleansing Herbal Hair Mud

Back in March Olivia sent in a really cool recipe request—a request for a cleansing hair mud. Huh. Intriguing. Colour me interested (both in the mud and in cleaning my shower, apparently). The original she linked to was basically just a runny herb-infused clay mask that was used to clean the hair. Cool!


I started moreso with the idea than the ingredient list from the original. I settled on a clay base of detoxifying bentonite and cleansing rhassoul clays for a good cleansing kick.


Deep Cleansing Midnight Face Mask

Summer is just about the only time of year I regularly put something on my face that I didn’t make—sunscreen. And as much as I can go for the good, effective, non-icky stuff… my skin does not love it. The combination of sunscreen, sun, sweat, and general summertime antics is, apparently, not my face’s favourite thing. It communicates its general disdain for my sun safety with zits. Oh… joy. This deep cleansing midnight face mask is my counter attack.




Gentle Rose & Clay Face Mask

A few weeks ago one of my yoga classmates gifted me a bag of rose powder. She’d heard about my DIY tendencies (addiction) and thought I could put it to good use. Exciting! This gentle face mask is the first of what will likely be many projects involving it.



Mojito Soap

My deep dive into beverage themed soaps continues with this minty lime tribute to the Mojito. It’s bright green and smells wonderfully fresh, and I just love the sprinkling of coarse sugar on the top for a hint of sweet sparkle.




Minty Face & Body Mask

In all my years of doing clay face masks, I really haven’t had much success getting men to give them a go. My dad rolls his eyes and laughs if he ever sees me in one, cousins have declined my goopy offers as politely as possible, and my brother wouldn’t dream of it. So, when I noticed my Glasgow-based model pal Ryan raving about Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty, I was intrigued. And then Elaine sent in a recipe request for it, and I was sold. Time to minty it up!