S’mores Brownies

In Canada the May Long Weekend is our summer safe zone. Gardeners move plants outside, people bring boxes of summer clothes up from the basement, and the most optimistic among us go camping (and it almost always snows for them). May Long Weekend was last weekend, and I’ve been daydreaming about camping for months now. And that’s where these amazing brownies come in. They help bridge the gap between now and true s’mores season, and they’re still amazing enough to take camping for those moments when you don’t have a campfire going.

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The Best Chocolate Cake You Will Ever Have

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I am the person in charge of birthday baking at my office. We’re a small company, and after I learned that sub-par grocery store cakes were the standard for employee birthdays, I hijacked the responsibility. Nobody has complained so far. Quite the opposite, in fact.


This cake has kind of made me famous. Well, as famous as you can be in a company of less than 20 people. This is the cake that everyone gets excited about. They hyperventilate a little, or gasp, or hug me, and I can watch their eyes grow large, like I just told a kid that tomorrow is surprise Christmas. I am not exaggerating, this cake really is that good.


Bittersweet Ganache Tart

Chocolate and cream are two of my favourite things. Combine them, and I’m in heaven.


This tart is so stupidly easy that I daresay it’s actually foolproof. It’s perfect for Christmas as it requires very little oven time, and spends most of its time hanging out in the fridge.


Stupidly Simple 2-Ingredient Chewy Fudge Sauce

I love this fudge sauce. It has two ingredients, but could have more, if you’re feeling so inclined. To make things even better, those two ingredients are flexible. And the sauce comes together in about 20 seconds. Even better.

The two basic ingredients are chocolate chips and heavy cream. You can also use peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, or any other kind of chip. You can use heavy cream (my first choice), sour cream, cereal cream, or even high fat plain yoghurt.


Deluxe All-Natural Dry Shampoo

I’ve written before about my super easy, all natural dry shampoo recipe. It’s pretty great. It has two ingredients, and that alone is amazing, before you consider that it works. However, it has been brought to my attention that it’s not ideal for those with more enthusiastically oily scalps. So I set out to create something better.

So, somewhat unfortunately (though it makes sense), this deluxe dry shampoo has a few more ingredients. About three times as many, actually. But it sure seems to do the trick. Here are some of the ingredients I added, and why. (more…)

Nutella Swirl Brownies

Good brownies are a thing of beauty. Like a nice sunset, or the last pair of clearance pants being your size. I’ve tried at least twenty different brownie recipes in search of the perfect brownie. I ended up finding four perfect recipes, each perfect in its own, delicious, chocolate-y way.

This recipe is a modification of one of those four recipes. Modified with Nutella. That’s right, I said it. Nutella. Hells yes. Today is World Nutella Day, and if there was ever a condiment worth celebrating, it’s Nutella. So creamy, chocolatey, nutty, and utterly delectable. I love it in many different forms; spread on toast, waffles, and crackers. Baked into banana bread, loaves of bread, cookies, and brownies. Or on a spoon. Or finger. It’s a truly fantastic substance.


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