My Favourite Homemade Bread

I’ll happily admit that I get a wee thrill of pride from being able to say that I make all my own bread. I mean, that’s kind of cool, right? Or if not actually cool, it’s neat (please, let me have neat), and tells people that I have some free time and a lot of flour in my house. Anyhow, it took me some time to find a bread recipe that made a great, all-purpose loaf. Something soft enough for toast & eggs, with good flavour, a bit of healthy fat, and some flexibility. It also needs to freeze well because I don’t have that much free time.

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Silver Powder for Banishing Blackheads

This fantastic three-ingredient blackhead banisher is another Mario Badescu dupe. Not only is it cheap and simple to make, but it really does work beautifully. Magically, even. So beautifully you’ll find yourself staring at your pores in the mirror, trying to figure out if you’re imagining things. It’s also faster and easier than a face mask, so if you’ve got troublesome areas that bother you between face masks, it’s a great way to keep up with those.

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Aluminum Foil & Soda Silver Polish

I’m sure you’ve seen a variation of this around if you’ve even been on Pinterest. I’ve seen a lot of different versions of it, so I thought I’d give it a try when my necklace took a dip in the hot tub with me and it didn’t like it. In about three seconds the bromine in the hot tub water took my shiny silver necklace to a tarnished, green-tinged mess.

Before. The chain looks pretty good, but the pendant looks awful.

Before. The chain looks pretty good, but the pendant looks awful.


Caramelized Onion & Chévre Quiche

You might not think so, but quiche has a lot going for it. Its versatile, delicious, and pretty hard to mess up. You can make it vegetarian friendly or load it up with bacon. You can eat it hot or cold, and for any meal of the day (including brunch, which is sort of the honorary fourth meal). But, best of all, the leftovers are so easy. And if you know me and leftovers, you know that I love them. Because, you see, without leftovers, I have beer and sweet potato fries for dinner far more than I should.

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Deadly Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies are often so disappointing. You always come into them with very high hopes. They’re always deep and dark—practically black—and just promising deliciously rich chocolate delight. And then… they unusually aren’t. And it’s sad. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (oddly enough, Subway is one…). These cookies are definitely one of those exceptions, and as a bonus, they do not require you to take yourself to a sandwich shop that smells almost-but-not-quite like real freshly baked bread. Also, you can have as many as you like without pretending you’re getting cookies for 15 people and/or worrying about getting a curiously disgusted look from your teenage cashier.

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Avocado, Tomato, and Balsamic Salad

My favourite poem is a great one by Frank O’Hara. I’ve got it posted by my bed, mostly memorized from reading it so frequently. And that first line—”Light   clarity    avocado salad in the morning”—well, I’m pretty sure this is the avocado salad he was talking about. It’s lovely bright, creamy, rich, and flavourful. Best made with fresh, in-season tomatoes (I’m honestly not sure I’d bother otherwise). It’s perfect for late summer and fall. I love it on toast with some chèvre, or with my eggs in the morning.

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