Ginger, Monoi, and Mango Lotion

Now that it is well and truly winter here, this lotion is helping me remember that there are places in this world where the warmth of the sun still reaches the ground. Made from tropical Monoi de Tahiti and mango butter (USA / Canada)s, it smells of palm trees and sunshine, and leaves me dreaming of sandy beaches and ocean breezes.




Warming Spiced Sugar Scrub

The discovery of true gingerbread for me was really very exciting, and also rather late in life, all things considered. Given that I’d been eating gingerbread around Christmas for most of my life, it wasn’t until I was nearly 20 that I discovered good, dark, spicy ginger bread. That’s what this sugar scrub is inspired by.



Pumpkin Pie Soap

Pumpkin pie is easily one of the best things about autumn. Americans seem to have really taken this to heart as the array of pumpkin pie flavoured and scented things available in October and November south of the border is truly shocking. From bagels to lattés to candles, their love of pumpkin-y goodness outstrips anything I’ve ever seen up north. So, not one to be left behind, I thought I’d add some Pumpkin Pie Soap to the mix as a Canadian contribution (and just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving).

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