Hand Sanitizer Lotion

My inner clean freak is conflicted. You see, I love having clean hands (especially during cold & flu season), but I hate hand sanitizer. It is seriously gross. Over scented, weirdly goopy, and generally awful. I only use it when it is absolutely the only option, and I hate every second of it when I do. So I thought I’d improve on it.

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Homemade Sun Beam Bronzer Cream

By this time of year, any semblance of a tan from the past summer is long gone. I guess that’s ok—it makes my Lady Mary costume that much more accurate, and is definitely better for my skin than a year-round tan. At this rate, I’ll look like an adolescent Edwardian lady until my 40’s. Anyhow, for those days when I’m daydreaming about summer/have been asked if I’m sick a few times recently, this dupe of Benefit’s Sun Beam works wonders.

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Lavender & Labdanum Body Oil

One of the first things I discovered when I started drifting towards the natural/DIY side of things was body oil. Well, technically it was a massage oil that my parents had received as a slightly-too-hippy-scented housewarming gift, so I made off with it. But it was basically just jojoba oil with some essential oils in it, and it was awesome. After argan oil, it was my first experience with applying straight oil to my skin, and I liked it. It was brilliant for my dry winter skin, and very little went so very far. I hoarded that bottle of oil for months until I finally figured out how to replace it.



Shimmery Body Oil

This lightly shimmery body oil is perfect for heading out on New Years Eve. With just a hint of glimmer, you can shimmer and shine in the New Year (without being mistaken for a Show Girl). It also helps soothe parched skin, which is always great at this time of year.



Hydrating Body Mist

After decades of winters with dry skin, I’ve started to think “if I’m going to be dry, I might as well make it interesting.” That’s where this hydrating body mist comes in. It’s perfect for spritzing yourself with right after you get out of the shower—it’ll impart some added moisture without much added work. Plus, it kind of has the effect of turning your January bathroom into a bit of a tropical spa, and if a tropical spa is the end destination, I will happily bridge any gaps with my imagination.



Coconut Body Cream

Around this time of year I go nuts for lotion. The moisture (what little we have here) just vanishes out of the air, leaving me waking up parched each morning, with irritatingly tight, dry skin. So, I think it’s kind of understandable that come November, I usually have 4 bottles of homemade lotion on the go. Stashed in my purse, on my desk, my bedside table, at work—anywhere I might be for more than an hour or so. I miss summer.


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