Lilac Rose Face Mask

My garden has sprung to life with beautiful pale purple lilacs, fluffy pink roses, and a lawn that needs to be mowed far more often than seems necessary (it’s still better than shovelling the walk, though!). Whenever I work outside on my back porch I’m distracted by the wafting scent of lilacs, roses, fresh cut grass, and clean air, so one day I got to thinking that I should incorporate some of those short-lived blossoms into a face mask. And here we are.

How to make a Lilac Rose Face Mask with fresh flowers from your garden


Honey Bee Face Mask

Spring has sprung here in Calgary! We’ve got blooming tulips, budding roses, leafy trees, green grass, and lovely bumbling bees again, and all of this makes me unbelievably happy. In honour of our recently returned bumbling bee friends I whipped up this silky honey bee face mask on a sunny spring day. It’s loaded with bee goodness and is easily made with a handful of ingredients you probably already have. Woo!

How to make a Honey Bee Face Mask with honey and kaolin clay


Lady London Fog Body Lotion

This silky soft Lady London Fog Body Lotion is inspired by the London Fog latte—Earl Grey tea steamed with vanilla syrup and milk. This lovely lotion has notes of tea, bergamot, and vanilla, with an added note of rose for a slightly sweeter, more delicate experience. It’s divine.

How to make Lady London Fog Body Lotion


Rose Cardamom Body Lotion

This pretty pink rose cardamom body lotion is light as a feather but leaves skin unbelievably soft and hydrated. A blend of nourishing oils, fragrant rose wax, luxurious silk, and hydrating rose water comes together easily, leaving you with a decadent pot of moisturizing goodness. I know you’ll love it.

Rose Cardamom Body Lotion recipe


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