Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil

This soothing oat bath and body oil was born from a recipe request from Claudia, who loves Aveeno’s Skin Relief Shower and Bath Oil. She said that it was fantastic for dry winter skin and even helped with her son’s eczema. Taking a look at the ingredients, first first one is mineral oil, so it’s not hard to understand why she’d prefer a more natural alternative (that and the $30 for 300mL/10fl oz price tag!). So, let’s make ourselves some Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil!

How to Make Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil


Soothing Aloe Pit Toner

If you suffer from itchy, irritated pits whenever you use baking soda powered homemade deodorants, you are going to love this soothing aloe pit toner. It’s a lightly acidic, soothing toner that helps pH correct your armpits so the basic nature of baking soda doesn’t leave your underarms up in arms (groooooan). I got the idea from Crunchy Betty, and while I’ve been directing readers to her simple recipe for ages, I thought I could amp it up to be soothing and healing as well as balancing. And here we are!

How to make Soothing Aloe Pit Toner


Creamy Lavender Cardamom Cleansing Lotion

I am loving this gentle (yet super effective) creamy lavender cardamom cleansing lotion these days. It got its first hardcore test late one night (ok, early one morning) when I returned from a sparkle themed party with a good half of my face completely coated in neon pink glitter thanks to some Ben Nye Glitter Glue and some slightly misguided Pinterest inspired glitter dreams. I’d definitely gone way overboard with the glitter application (I was aiming for something Coachella-esque but ended up straddling the line between “sparkle spartan” and some sort of Vegas Barbie cancan dancer) and was definitely a bit worried about a) getting it all off and b) getting it all off without sandblasting my face with glitter flecks. This creamy lavender cardamom cleansing lotion was more than up to the task (phew).

How to make a creamy lavender cardamom cleansing lotion.


Yin Yoga Mat Spray

Every week I make a point of attending a Flow into Yin yoga class. It’s my favourite class of the week; part work out, part therapy. We kick things off with a flow class, which then melts into a zenful yin class where we hold gentle poses for minutes at a time. I always leave feeling utterly divine.



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