Lavender Cardamom Lip Balm

Bobbie wrote in with a request for this lovely sounding lavender cardamom lip balm—I must admit it was the mention of cardamom that pulled me in. I adore the bright, sweet note the cardamom adds to any scent blend, and I’m always looking for new places to use it. Add some lavender, and I’m sold.

How to Make Lavender Cardamom Lip Balm

How to Make Lavender Cardamom Lip Balm


Rose & Lavender Princess Silk Soap

A few months ago I got to thinking about princess soap. Something the littler ladies would love. Something with a bit of sparkle and swirl, and some pretty colours. Something that would smell pretty and be perfectly at home with a Disney Princess shower curtain and toothbrush, but something grown-ups would love, too. This is what I came up with.




Lavender Vanilla Soap

This pretty speckled, swirl-topped soap smells of soft lavender and vanilla. It brings to mind warm, dry summer days in Provence (in my imagination, at least). I can see pretty pastel-painted wooden furniture, bundles of lavender hanging to dry in the window, and a basket of fresh produce on the counter. A bar of this soap rests in a chipped porcelain dish next to the wash basin, with a striped dish towel hanging nearby.




Clean Dreams Pillow Mist

Maria sent in a request for this lovely essential oil powered pillow mist, and I just loved the sound of it. The original was designed to help prevent breakouts caused by a dirty pillowcase, but with its lovely blend of essential oils, it’ll also help lull you into a citrus-scented sleep in no time.

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Über Anti-Acne Soap

After years of DIYing, I’ve got a pretty good cache of acne-fighting ingredients. From clays to herbs to essential oils, my basement cupboards are a veritable arsenal of zit-busting weaponry, and these bars of soap have it all. They’re designed to clobber zits and stop acne before it starts. They’re also pretty groovy looking.




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