Winter Custard Soap

This simple, warm, wintery soap is just the thing for January. The first month of the year is typically hit with at least one cold snap here in Calgary, necessitating hot tea and warm baking and a general refusal to leave the house for anything less important than a tropical vacation (or a dog walk). I might, however, make an exception for some warm spiced bread pudding, good whiskey, and good company. While devoid of both whiskey and raisins, this Winter Custard soap can be your sudsy cold snap respite, with its lovely sparkly top and warm, creamy yellow colour. Mmmm.

How to Make Winter Custard Soap


Hydrating Summer Facial and Body Mist

I’m on a huge hydration kick these days. Well, not so much a kick as a lifestyle change. I’m making hydration a serious priority, and my skin is so much happier for it. While staying hydrated in Calgary is always a challenge, summer is a different kind of challenge: sun exposure and more time spent outside means more wind and elements exposure, but it also means I’m less inclined to reach for heavier moisturizers. That’s where this lovely humectant packed mist comes into play.

How to Make Hydrating Summer Facial and Body Mist

Peppermint Lavender Linen Spray

I’ve been doing lots of fancier DIYs lately, so I decided to step it back with a simple DIY for freshening up linens, sheets, and rooms—just in time for spring. A simple, fresh blend of peppermint and lavender essential oils are diluted in water to create a simple spray you can use to spruce up your sheets and blankets and pillows, or maybe even the inside of your car if it’s starting to smell like feet and winter and dog. Easy peasy, peppermint squeezey.


Mint Julep Cleansing Oil

This creamy Mint Julep Cleansing Oil came about as a bit of an accident. I had “Julep oil cleanser” on my to-do list as a recipe request, and without referring back to the original request, I got all excited about an oil cleanser that smelled like a mint julep. Bright, juicy lime and cool, fresh peppermint. Yum, right?! However, upon referring back to the original request, I discovered that Julep was the brand, not the cocktail. Whoops. Oh well—no reason I can’t do both!


Minty Poppy Seed Scrubby Soap

This pretty double-sided bar of Minty Poppy Seed Scrubby Soap has one end that’s scrubby and one side that’s minty fresh for a bit of end-of-summer tootsy scrubbing. If your summers (and feet) are anything like mine, you likely need it! These bars are also fantastic for gardeners or anybody who regularly gets their hands proper dirty, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble gifting them as we head into fall harvest season.

How to Make Minty Poppy Seed Scrubby Soap


Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller

I’ve got a disgusting cold right now, and this Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller is my new favourite thing. It helps clear the sinuses, soothes my assorted aches, and helps cut through the pea-soup fog that has temporarily replaced my brain. Loaded with refreshing, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral essential oils, it’s easy enough to make when you’re so congested it feels like your synapses are on strike, and it’s downright lovely to have on hand when you’ve devolved into a sniffling, red-nosed, achy, whingey mess. Urgh. Colds stink.

How to make an Essential Oil Cold and Flu Roller


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