My Cosmetics Cabinet: Ingredients for an Aspiring DIY Cosmetics Wizard

One of my favourite questions that I often get via e-mail is “I would love to make all my own make-up—what on earth should I be buying?” Awesome! I love to hear that you’re interested in making all the colourful powders you used to buy. You’ll have tons of fun, you’ll get exactly what you want, and you’ll ditch heaps of packaging. That’s fantastic.


And yes, I understand that all the various ingredients that you can buy are numerous, confusing, and potentially quite expensive. So! Here is my guide to which ingredients do what, which ones you ought to have, and how much you should be paying for them. (Before you read this, check out my entry on the different properties the different cosmetics have—I know you’ll find it most useful). (more…)

Black Bean, Rice, & Corn Veggie Burgers

Whenever I spend time out at my family cottage in Manitoba I am often invited by Grandma Irene to use up odds and ends of leftovers. It’s always an interesting challenge. A bit of zucchini, perhaps, some spinach, a bit of cheese, a bag of cherries… or a bag of wine (booyah). This year it ended up being black beans and cooked basmati rice. The first thing that came to mind was veggie burgers—what better for a week at the cottage?

13-09-13-pic06 (more…)

Lentil & Spinach Curry

Do you invent curries on your bike ride home? Apparently I do. I thought this one up whilst absentmindedly peddling down one of Calgary’s many bike paths, next to a wee swath of prairie. I suppose something about the fresh air and the semi-suicidal gophers darting on and off the paved pathway made me think of curry. It may have also been the doughnut I had at work saying “you should really have something healthy for dinner.” So I did.

13-06-03-pic06 13-06-03-pci02 (more…)

Things to Stock up on at the Asian Market

I love my local Asian market. It’s closer than any other grocery store, and it’s like a treasure trove. The shelves are loaded with things I’ve never heard of, and things I love that are so cheap they’re practically free compared to what I’m used to paying. I always get something new every time I go, and make something fun and delicious for dinner. With the shelves loaded with so many bottles, bags, and cans, it can be hard to know what to start with. Here are the things I’ll never buy at the grocery store again.


Thai Curry Paste
This stuff is potentially the biggest rip-off in the tiny Asian section of your grocery store. You’ll pay $5 for a 40mL jar of curry paste. Head to the Asian market and you’ll get 400mL for $3.