Deep Cleansing Midnight Face Mask

Summer is just about the only time of year I regularly put something on my face that I didn’t make—sunscreen. And as much as I can go for the good, effective, non-icky stuff… my skin does not love it. The combination of sunscreen, sun, sweat, and general summertime antics is, apparently, not my face’s favourite thing. It communicates its general disdain for my sun safety with zits. Oh… joy. This deep cleansing midnight face mask is my counter attack.




Crickets & Fireflies Perfume

Happy New Year! I’ve decided to kick 2015 off with this complex and intoxicating perfume that I’m rather infatuated with.


It’s dry and warm, with a tangy mid note and high notes of sweet citrus and bright coniferous trees. It also matures beautifully on the skin—somehow the notes both clarify and blend over time, which is sheer perfumery magic to me.


Winter Solstice Soap

Here in Calgary, December 21 is a short, dark day. The sun rises at 8:37AM and sets at 4:32PM, giving us a whopping seven hours, fifty-four minutes, and seventeen seconds with which to go about our daylight requiring business. That’s less than half the daylight we have on the summer solstice in June. We’ve got nothing on the far north, but even somewhere comparatively close (latitude-wise, at least) like Toronto gets noticeably more daylight than we do on the darkest day of the year.




Seaweed Scrub Foot Mask

If your feet are feeling a touch tough after a summer of cavorting about in sandals (or less), this seaside scented foot scrub is just the thing. If you’re in a hurry you can scrub and go, or you can apply it as a mask for a bit of an at-home pedicure.

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Whipped Shea Butter Body Meringue

I am so thrilled with this new invention of mine. It’s unbelievably light and fluffy, with a decadent texture that will make your friends gasp in awe when they feel how light and soft it is. I call it body meringue because of its texture and how it forms wonderful soft, glossy peaks, just like a meringue does.




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