Luxurious Green Tea & Silk Face Mask

This smooth and simple clay face mask comes together in no time, and leaves your pores clean and your face firmed and refreshed. And, with luxurious ingredients like silk and green tea, it’s perfect for an indulgent girls night in.

Does this mask bring out my eyes?

Does this mask bring out my eyes?


Barefoot Balm

I think one of my favourite things about summer is ditching shoes and going barefoot. As a kid I’d frequently return home with totally blackened feet that grew tough and leathery over the summer months. Now, sadly, I don’t have months-long summer vacations, which greatly reduces my running-around-outside-like-a-Lost-Boy time, but I’ll still go barefoot at any chance. Whether I’m kicking off my shoes on a walk through the park or tip-toeing through some seriously pokey pine needles on my way to the dock at my cottage, I’m a fan of going nude from the ankles down.

How to Make Barefoot Balm


Indigo Acne Blaster

This indigo hued anti-acne roller smells wonderful and means business when it comes to zits. Snovel91 requested this Burt’s Bees inspired recipe back around Christmas, and I’ve just collected all the essential oils to make it. Based on their Herbal Blemish Stick, this roller is loaded with great herbs and essential oils, and shrinks zits in record time. It was love at first blast for me, and I bet it will be for you, too 🙂




Gentle Argan Silk Milk

A few months ago Meredith sent me a link to this product, accompanied by a hearty digital laugh. And a well deserved laugh it was. I’ve talked before about the astonishing markup that Josie Maran sells their argan oil (USA / Canada) at—closer to $1/mL than the $0.12/mL New Directions Aromatics sells it for. If that’s ridiculous, you’ll understand why their new “Argan Milk” is flat out hilarious. It’s mostly water with a hint of argan oil (USA / Canada), and it sells for close to $2/mL. They are literally charging you twice the price for watered down argan oil (USA / Canada). Wow… just… wow…



Cream of Earl Grey Marshmallows

I love making marshmallows. The flavour combinations are endless, they come together like magic, and they never fail to impress. They’re also easier to make than you’d think, which is a major plus. These particular marshmallows are infused with Cream of Earl Grey tea, but you can make them straight-up vanilla marshmallows easily enough (or use your favourite tea instead).

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Honey, Lemon, and Chamomile Hair Rinse

This pretty yellow hair rinse is great for those of you who detest vinegar in your hair rinses, and it just might help lighten your hair a bit as well. It’s made from three simple ingredients and comes together in a flash—what more could you want?