Honey, Lemon, and Chamomile Hair Rinse

This pretty yellow hair rinse is great for those of you who detest vinegar in your hair rinses, and it just might help lighten your hair a bit as well. It’s made from three simple ingredients and comes together in a flash—what more could you want?




My DIY Grease-Busting Cleaning Powder

This started out as laundry powder, but then I started using it for other things, and it still hasn’t made it’s way into the washing machine. It’s too busy in the kitchen, melting away tea stains and blasting greasy pans from DIY projects clean. I always keep a bag or jar of it under the sink to add to especially dirty messes (it’s particularly awesome for getting beeswax-y grease off things when combined with boiling water).

14-04-12-pic02 14-04-12-pic10


Translucent Anti-Shine Powder

Shine can be a wonderful thing—we love it in jewellery and bathroom faucets, lip gloss and silver. But faces? Less so. Kamila got in touch a few months ago asking for solution for oily skin. She told me she was having to re-apply her make-up halfway through the day and was very frustrated with the entire situation. So, I devised this translucent anti-shine powder, designed to be put under and over make-up, as a touch-up powder through the day.




7 Natural Soap Additives

After writing about ways to naturally colour soap, I thought I’d better complete the story with a list of natural soap additives that I love. So, how did I decide what goes in the “additive” category and what’s a colourant? There’s definitely some overlap, to be sure. The things on the “additives” list are generally insoluble, so they can act as a bit of an exfoliatant. They also aren’t already on my list of colourants, so while clay can be both, it’s already on the colourant list, so there it will live. It’s hardly a science, but it’ll do. This list is, of course, far from complete, but I think it’s a great starting point, and these are the additives I just keep coming back to.

The little dark yellowish flecks are bits of calendula petals.

The little dark yellowish flecks are bits of calendula petals.


Cedar & Palmarosa Solid Perfume

I’ve had some requests for more scent blends for solid perfume, so here we go. This simple blend has notes of citrus and tea, with a soft woodiness from the cedar, and a bright spicy sparkle from the cardamom.

14-03-02-pic09 14-03-02-pic11


Hand Sanitizer Lotion

My inner clean freak is conflicted. You see, I love having clean hands (especially during cold & flu season), but I hate hand sanitizer. It is seriously gross. Over scented, weirdly goopy, and generally awful. I only use it when it is absolutely the only option, and I hate every second of it when I do. So I thought I’d improve on it.

14-02-24-pic08 14-02-24-pic01


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