All-Purpose Enzyme Cleaning Spray

I whipped up this simple all-purpose enzyme cleaning spray a couple months ago and it’s quickly become a household staple for me. It gently cleans and deodorizes, leaving my counter tops gleaming, and I think it’s easier to make than a cup of tea! I like to pair it with a microfiber cloth for wiping down counters, cleaning paw prints off windowsills and the back door, and deodorizing the bathroom. I highly recommend having a bottle on hand!

How to Make All-Purpose Enzyme Cleaning Spray


Yin Yoga Mat Spray

Every week I make a point of attending a Flow into Yin yoga class. It’s my favourite class of the week; part work out, part therapy. We kick things off with a flow class, which then melts into a zenful yin class where we hold gentle poses for minutes at a time. I always leave feeling utterly divine.



Silk Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If you’re using homemade shampoo bars to wash your hair, an acidic rinse isn’t really optional—it’s a must. Because the high pH of true soap raises the scales that make up your hair, you’ll need to smooth them back down with something acidic or you’ll find your hair is quite coarse and tangly. That’s where this lovely rinse comes in. Infused with all kinds of good-for-the-hair ingredients, it comes together in a flash and leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny.



Summer Berry & Lime Pavlova

Today we are celebrating with a wonderfully light & whippy pavlova ’cause it’s my birthday 🙂 WOO! Anywho, I discovered pavlova earlier this year (shame on my Kiwi and Australian friends for force feeding me Vegemite whilst omitting pavlova from the menu) and promptly fell in love. It’s light and sweet, loaded with fruit, and a fantastic excuse to eat large volumes of whipped cream. It’s also beautifully simple to make and easy to customize to whatever fruit you happen to have on hand.

14-08-16-pic02 14-08-16-pic14


Smokey Corn, Black Bean, & Honey Salsa

I’m not usually a salsa person. It’s not that I have anything against a delicious combination of tomatoes, onions, and other goodies, it’s just that they’re often not that… delicious. Store bought salsas are often runny, heavy with the vinegar, and straight-up boring. But this salsa… no. This salsa was a delicious revelation.

14-08-10-pic14 14-08-10-pic01