My Presentations & Workshops

Who am I?

I’m Marie Rayma—author, international public speaker, creator, and lover of making things! I have a Bachelor of Design Honours from York University, and I am a graduate of Formula Botanica’s Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation course. My first book, Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care, By Marie Rayma, creator of is available at booksellers all over the world! My work has been featured in publications like Willow & Sage, Mother Earth Living, BUST, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping.

I started creating my own skin care products back in 2010 because I wanted to understand what was in my products and how they worked. I launched Humblebee & Me in late 2011 to share the things I was making. Back then things weren’t as focussed, with posts on everything from historical costumes to soaps and dog photos! Today I blog exclusively about creating your own skin care, cosmetic, and home products, sharing new formulations twice a week on my blog and YouTube channel.

I have taught and spoken in Oregon, Texas, Pennysyvlania, Alberta, South Carolina (and more!) at events like the Mother Earth News Fair, the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild Annual Conference, Beakerhead, Market Collective, summer camps, schools, and colleges. I love connecting with audiences around the world to teach and share my passion for creating everything from lotions to logos. If you’re hosting an event or conference and would like to discuss having me present a talk and/or teach a workshop, please send an email to speaking[at]—I’d love to hear from you!

Talks & Presentations

These talks are typically slide-show based presentations, with some requiring an overhead camera for demonstrations. Minimal equipment is required, and set up is easy!

Demystifying DIY Makeup

Ever wanted to make your own makeup, but had no idea where to start? Start here! Join Marie Rayma, author of Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup & Skin Care and creator of to learn about the formulation considerations and challenges for different types of cosmetics, and the different ingredients we can use to create long wearing, strongly pigmented, high-performance lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, and more.

Length: 1 hour
Debut: Oregon 2018 Mother Earth News Fair

A Face in an Hour

Want to see DIY makeup in action? In this fast-paced one-hour presentation Marie Rayma, author of Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup & Skin Care and creator of, makes and applies her makeup on stage in front of a live audience, discussing formulation and application considerations and taking audience questions throughout. By the end of the presentation the audience will have seen a variety of makeup products come together to create a makeup look they voted on!

This presentation can also be shortened and rolled together with Demystifying DIY Makeup for a 90-minute talk on formulation followed by a demonstration.

Length: 1 hour
Debut: Oregon 2018 Mother Earth News Fair

Demystifying DIY Skin Care

Want to make your own skin care, but not sure where to start? DIY skin care has exploded in popularity over the last few years, but it can be hard to know what will work, what’s good for your skin, and what ingredients to start with. In this talk we’ll learn about how the skin functions and what it needs, which products you can create at home to nourish and strengthen your skin, and different ingredients you can use to create fabulous skin care products at home.

Length: 1 hour
Debut: Pennsylvania 2019 Mother Earth News Fair

An Introduction to Photography & Graphic Design for Makers

What do all your favourite high-end skincare brands have in common? Good design. May Lindstrom, L’Occitane, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Lilfox, Soapwalla—they all have a well-defined brand that speaks for their products and helps them sing.

Good graphic design and photography are essential parts of any handcrafted business. They distinguish you from the dabbler and help you compete with the big guys. Good design and photography help tell your story, and let your products shine, both on and offline. In this talk, I’ll teach you the basics of good design and photography so your brand can look its best, even if you can’t afford to hire a professional—and we’ll talk about some of the things to look for if you do want to hire a pro.

Length: 1.5 hours
Debut: 2019 Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild Annual Conference

Life as a Blogger

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a full-time blogger and YouTuber? This one-hour presentation is designed for junior and senior high aged students and dicusses the reality of what many think of as a dream job. The talk starts with how I got into blogging, how I transitioned to full time, and what my days tend to look like. I discuss the importance of skills like time management, oraganization, research, networking, self-discipline, and how my university degree has played an integral role in my success. We’ll chat about the pros (travel, meeting other people who passionate about the things I love) and cons (it can be quite isolating, internet trolls, you’re on your own), and what to think about if you want to start up your own blog.

Length: 1 hour
Debut: 2019 Canada National Sport School

Hands-On Classes & Workshops

Hands-on workshops are just the thing for the aspiring maker—students will create and take home their very own DIYs! Please get in touch to learn more about the equipment and ingredients requirements for each class.

DIY Mineral Makeup

In this class, each student creates their very own mineral makeup, perfectly customized to match their complexion. We’ll learn about colour blending and matching, the roles each ingredient in the formulations play, and how to adjust coverage to create exactly what you need. Once the mineral makeup is done we’ll also learn how to transform it into liquid foundation, cream foundation, and concealer!

Length: 2–3 hours

DIY Eyeshadow

In this ultra-colourful class participants will create a palette of completely customized shimmery eyeshadows in every colour they can imagine. We’ll start by making the base, and from there students will learn how to create multiple different colours of eyeshadow, blending micas and pigments to create a variety of shades. Class wraps up by learning how to press the eyeshadows into pans for a finished, professional-looking palette.

Length: 2–3 hours

Invent Your Own Lotion

Learn how to formulate your own lotion from scratch! We’ll discuss emulsifiers, phase sizes, process, and more. Students will draft and create two different formulations with two different oil phase sizes so they can start to develop an appreciation for how phase sizes impact a lotion.

Length: 2–3 hours

Create your own foaming hand wash & micellar water

In this class students will create two different no-heat-required surfactant products—a foaming hand wash and a micellar water. We’ll discuss how to customize them with different scents and colours so you can easily create a wide variety of products.

Length: 1–1.5 hours


I have always had difficulty finding a foundation that matches my skin tone so I was thrilled when Marie offered a workshop where we could custom blend our own foundation. To my enormous frustration, no matter how perfect the color appeared when mixed, it had a white undertone on my face. Marie went above and beyond to find the source of the problem and I finally have a foundation that is perfect for my skin tones. I so appreciate Marie’s professional attitude & expertise, and her commitment to helping us have a positive experience and satisfactory outcome. Never hesitate to take a class or workshop from her.

Cheryl S.

Alberta, Canada

I have had the pleasure to hear Marie speak twice. She is fun, entertaining and very knowledgeable. It is impressive to see how much information she can communicate within just an hour time frame! Learning with Marie is never a dull moment and the visuals that pair her speeches are simply spot on! Everything is clear and comprehensive and in terms everyone can understand.

Ariane Arsenault

Québec, Canada, La Fille de la Mer

I had the opportunity to meet Marie at a Mother Earth Fair in Topeka, KS. She had a class on lip coloring. Marie demonstrated and explained the entire process, and gave resources and ingredients needed for making lip gloss.

Marie was very thorough, and answered questions from those who attended.

I was quite pleased, as Marie even gave us information about where to find the very tiny whisk and spatulas that she was using. This may sound mundane until you try mixing the ingredients in a tiny bowl which using a regular size spatula!

I hope to attend another class by Marie in the future. Her classes and information are priceless!!

Patricia P.

Kansas, USA