I have one of those purses that is like a black hole with a strap. I can fit my 15″ laptop and my DSLR in it (along with all the normal purse stuff). It’ll weigh about 15lbs, but it’ll fit. So earbuds have a tendency to vanish. And when I find them they’re usually in a gigantic knot. So I spent a huge amount of time searching for and untangling my earbuds, and by the time I can actually use the things my bus ride is over, or whatever.

So I devised a solution. A free, easy one that works really well. It’s awesome. All you need is a longer bread clip. Start by clipping in the earbuds and wrapping the cord around. If you’re using the Apple earbuds that have the speaker/volume control, it should work out so they wrap around perfectly. Awesome. Then, once everything is wrapped up, you can just clip in the plug in, and off you go.

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