I’ve made a couple different deodorant recipes—mostly ones I found on a variety of different blogs. There were powder ones, which made a big, poufy, white mess in bathroom and did little of the “de” for the “odorant” part. There were bar/butter types that did the trick, but skidded across my skin like cold butter on toast and left my armpits burning after repeat use. No good.

So, rather than turn into the dirty hippie I seem destined to become (albeit a good 40 years early), I decided to strike out and make my own recipe.

I based it around my more successful body/lip balm formulas, taking cues from the active ingredients in the other deodorant recipes I’d tried (namely baking soda (USA / Canada) thinned with cornstarch).

This is what I came up with. It’s solid enough to use in a tube, but just the right texture to melt on contact with your skin and glide right on. Brilliant. The melting/gliding ability will, of course, vary with the temperature of wherever you store your deodorant, but hold the bar against your skin for a second or two, and it will glide beautifully no matter what.

The Best Homemade Deodorant

8g | 0.28oz beeswax (USA / Canada)
10g | 0.35oz unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)
6g | 0.21oz cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
16g | 0.56oz apricot kernel oil
12g | 0.42oz baking soda (USA / Canada)
8g | 0.28oz  cornstarch (or other starch like wheat, rice, arrowroot, or tapioca)
10 drops Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)
Essential oils of choice

Melt all the oils together, and then stir in the baking soda (USA / Canada), corn starch, and essential oils.

The amount you let the deodorant cool will depend on the type of container you’re using. If you’re using a push tube with a solid bottom, you can pour it right in. If it’s a grid, let is solidify a bit (stirring constantly) before you pack the tube.