Happy New Year’s Eve! I know many of you will be off doing fun and exciting things with your friends and family, or perhaps hibernating at home alone with a good book and a cozy blanket, so I thought today I’d take a look back at the last year of projects I shared in 2018 and highlight some of my favourites.

I’ve learned so many things this year and grown so much as a DIYer! I finished my Formula Botanica Diploma of Organic Skin Care and travelled to give talks for the first time. I went to my first DIY-type conferences and hosted meetups in Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Calgary, Toronto, Portland, Pittsburgh, Seattle, London, Dublin, and Prague! I’ve met so many wonderful people this year 😊

These projects are some of my favourites from 2018; ones that represent new or refined techniques, newly beloved ingredients, things I use every day, and things you guys fell in love with. Thank you so much for all your support this year—I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do so much making and share it with so many wonderful, encouraging, inquisitive people ❤️ You guys are the best!

Sugar Plum Cleansing Conditioner

This Sugar Plum Cleansing Conditioner is a wonderful continuation to the fun I've been having making cleansing conditioners over the last few months. My aim with this one was to create something lighter that could work better for anyone with hair that can be easily...

Sheer Satin Cheek & Lip Tint

This punchy red liquid cheek and lip tint has become a fast favourite of mine. On first glance it’s a thin, vibrant red liquid. It’s less red than you expect on application, and the slip is divine; lightweight and satiny, with a finish that is unexpectedly rich...

Oil Cleansing Gel

When I was in Montreal last year I visited Coop Coco, a local DIY supplier, and poked around, looking for things I didn’t have that would fit in my suitcase. I ended up picking up a bottle of Sucragel, a cold-process emulsifier I’d never worked with before, brought it...

Creamy Lip Balm

This rich, creamy lip balm came out of the experiments I did as I was developing my recipe for my Basic Moldable Lipstick Base. It was the far end of my "let's make this creamier" experiments, and while I loved how it felt, it basically glued itself to the inside of...

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