Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

In a lot of cases we’ve been taught that it’s impolite to ask for what you want, but I’ve learned that not making your desires and intentions clear can really backfire on you. If you don’t ask for what you want, or at least make your intentions and goals known, you might just get exactly the opposite of what you want (potentially with good intentions on the part of the other party), and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.


Sleep is very, very good

Make it a priority. You will feel better.

Regular exercise is awesome

I started cycling to work in the spring, and I absolutely loved it. I slimmed down (despite eating more than usual… mmm, cheesecake), tightened up, and felt way more energetic. I loved my daily dose of sunshine and fresh air, and skipping the traffic in favour of a ride alongside the river was awfully nice. Now that winter has set in I still try to ride when I can (yay, chinooks), and I really miss it when I can’t. Exercise rocks.


Face masks are awesome

They are like deep cleaning your face on a regular basis while kick-starting healing. Do it.

Bronchitis is a bitch

I came down with Bronchitis in August and I kid you not, I’m still suffering repercussions. So, do yourself a favour—if you develop a nasty cough, go get antibiotics. And, if they aren’t doing anything after a day or two, go get more (that is where I went wrong).

Merino wool is my favourite

I wear pretty much nothing but merino wool. I love it. It’s odor resistant, soft, cozy, and wonderful.


Vests are pretty great

I caught myself riding along on my bike, feeling awfully warm, and thinking “geez, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they made zip-up jackets without sleeves? That would be great.” And then I remembered that they do, and they’re called vests. I sure like them for various exercise things; they keep your core warm, but let your arms breathe, dropping your temperature.

Make sure the people in your life know you like them and want them around, or they might just go looking for someone that does

That’s pretty much it. Make sure the people in your life know they’re appreciated.


People cannot read minds

So communicate. With words.

Universal health care should be a fundamental right everywhere

With the number of trips I’ve made to the doctor in the last few months, I am more in love with universal health care than ever. I can’t imagine how I would have ever been able to afford all of this without it. Everyone should be so lucky as to have universal health care.

Playing hard to get and other various games is stupid

It just is. Don’t do it.