I love learning. Figuring out how a certain cosmetic is made, learning the etymology behind a neat word, trying out a new cooking technique. One of the things I’ll always have a lot to learn about is life in general. Here’s some things I sorted out this year.

The photos for today's post are from a hike Craig & I took up into the Bugaboos this summer.

The photos for today’s post are from a hike Craig & I took up into the Bugaboos this summer.

Sometimes people will force you to do something unimportant just to prove that they can boss you around. They can be slimy and sweet about it, or a flat out asshole. Either way, you probably will not like it (or them). They will often do it under the guise of it being necessary, though you can clearly see that it is not. It turns out there isn’t usually much you can do about this. However, there is a good chance that if you just grin and bear it, people around you will start to notice their asshole-ish behaviour as well.

Sometimes being unhappy for no apparent reason just happens. Try to figure it out, read a few books, and reach out to your friends.

I need vacations, and I need them to be spread out over the year.


Winnipeg, Manitoba had the most per capita millionaires of any Canadian city in 1912.

I need to move somewhere warmer. Soon, too, before I freeze to the spot.

There’s something really lovely about going back to a place where everyone knows who you are by your last name.

If your favourite wine is sold in a box, that is ok (bottle snobs be damned).

If you’re going to force yourself into every situation and insist that everything goes through you, don’t get pissy when people start coming to you for approval and opinions on everything. Learn to delegate instead.


When the neighbourhood Chihuahua starts to howl, take it as an opportunity to laugh.

Force yourself to keep doing the things you love—nobody else will.

If somebody is shitting on you, chances are it’s because somebody else is shitting on them. All the same, it is not nice to be shat on, so talk it out if you can, and either way, ensure you don’t do the same to anyone else.

If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, just get up and go. Otherwise, you will end up dreaming about waiting in line at a public restroom for the remainder of the night.


Try beers that have been aged in old Scotch casks. They are fantastic.

Own your mistakes, and admit your shortcomings. Nobody likes an ass who never admits their faults and acts like they are the best at absolutely everything. Plus, you’ll never learn anything from anyone if you always insist you already know everything.

Be the kind of person other people root for—be the good guy in the story of your life. If people are truly happy for you when you succeed, it’ll make your life a lot easier. Conversely, if you’re a giant arse and people are always watching and waiting for you to fail (and delighting in it when you do), well… that sucks. Don’t be the guy everyone wants to trip or you’ll probably find your life is oddly more difficult than it should be.


Do you have any pearls of wisdom you’d like to pass on? Comment!