I can hardly believe it, but this is the 11th “Things I’ve Learned” post I’ve shared! I love these annual posts—they’re a fabulous way to reflect on the year that has passed and think about what I want to bring into the following year. I also love hearing about what you’ve learned in the comments ❤️

A long wool skirt layered over wool long johns is both elegant and warm!

You can disable the beeping on your microwave, dishwasher, and who knows how many other appliances that beep! You will need to dig up the manual to learn the precise random button combination to silence your devices, but holy moly is it ever worth it.

If it is after 5:30pm I am probably not going to have from-scratch soup for dinner tonight (unless I want to eat dinner at 9pm).

Some people will see where you are today and assume you’ve always been there. Conversely, it can be tempting to see where someone is today and assume they’ve always been there.

If you are determined to find betrayal in all your relationships, you will. It will make you miserable and destroy your relationships, and it’ll be your fault.

I needed to step back and do less. I probably still do.

You can use surprisingly low concentrations of emulsifiers successfully!

A messy, cluttered space hinders my productivity and mental clarity.

I have wavy hair! And you might, too 😄

Leaving my phone to charge overnight in the kitchen (rather than beside my bed) is a good idea.

Parkinson’s Law—the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” (source)—is very true. At the start of 2022 I released two videos with partner blog posts every week. I now release one every week. That one post and video now takes as long to create as the two used to as I’m using that extra time to do everything better.

I can’t eat lots of cabbage anymore 😞

Not everyone knows what I know.

I’m so happy to be travelling again—I really missed it.

Always check the blankets section of thrift shops; you can find some amazing things there!

If you have a dual sink in your kitchen, an in-sink drying rack is AMAZING. Easy default drainage, you can rinse things right on the drying rack if you want to, and the sides of the sink help contain dubiously arranged piles of clean dishes so you don’t end up having a catastrophic lots & pans avalanche.

Just because it’s a screaming good deal at a thrift shop doesn’t mean I need it. Also… it’s usually a good idea to pop my head into a thrift shop if I’m near one, but it is essential to keep my standards high (is this really something I need?) so I don’t end up with a ton of stuff that was a good deal but never gets used or appreciated.

Framing & presenting information in a way where people will actually engage with it is more important than creating information-dense content.

I did not miss getting sick 🤧 Also, I am allowed to take sick days and the world/algorithms will not fall apart.

I love feeling physically strong and capable.

Tight scripting is really important to create high quality videos.

If I don’t consciously try to eat enough protein, I probably won’t.

I’m turning into my parents more and more every year.

You’ll never be sad to have a pair of earplugs on you.

Small tweaks and optimizations to my living space make me very happy.

Before buying a new version of something, make sure you’re using the version you currently have to its full capacity. This is especially true for technology.

The formulations I get lots of requests for are usually unpopular.

Sound effects are fun 😄

I switched to Notion from Evernote and wow. Notion is SO much more powerful and flexible than Evernote—and it’s free (for my needs)!

Learning & improving is really important to me—it’s a major source of fulfilment.

Taking a week off without any plans—a destination, activity, whatever—doesn’t feel that great.

I’ve switched to a convection toaster oven for most oven-y tasks and I love it—it’s faster and uses less energy.

Calendar blocking has become a really essential part of my workflow. Highly recommend.

It is a good idea to examine the assumptions you’ve built your life and identity on. “Is this true or have I just always been told that’s the way things are?”

Just because someone doesn’t share your opinions/world view doesn’t mean they haven’t “done their research”—and dismissively telling someone to do so is not helpful or kind.

Clear countertops feel fantastic.

Scan, digitally store, and immediately shred all possible paper things.

Electrolytes are fickle buttheads 🤪

Curiosity is a superpower.

Uncertainty is exhausting.

The k18 hair mask/treatment thing works really well (and they are not paying me to say that… though I would happily accept payment in product if they offered 😂).

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What did you learn this year? ❤️