Phew! It’s been a crazy weekend, so I thought I’d share part of what made it so busy. I needed some new photos of me in my Titanic dresses for reasons I will disclose sometime later, so I got together with the lovely Hannah P. to shoot some. We had great fun.

Anyone want to guess what my favourite movie is?

It's Titanic, just in case you were struggling.

We shot the Dinner Dress, the Swim Dress, the Lunch Dress, a Gibson Girl type outfit, and my everyday Edwardian lingerie dress.

We also did some shots of me with my Titanic collection. I didn’t think it was that big until I hauled it out and saw everything together. Good heavens, it’s so large it makes me look insane.

I had a lot of fun with my hair on these shoots, so I’m thinking I’ll feature a few hair tutorials sometime in the future. Heat free curls, here we come!