Mangoes, coconut, cocoa, and lime… at this point all you need is sunshine, some sand, a swimsuit, and a cold beer, and you’ve practically got a tropical vacation. And while I suppose I could sit in my sandbox in a bathing suit, but it’s December, and I would probably die. So I suppose some Tropical Body Butter will have to do.

How to Make Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

While mango butter doesn’t smell like much of anything, virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter smell amazing—the most intense, delightful coconut scent you can imagine, and fresh, warming cocoa, like the best chocolate bar you’ve ever had. They come together to create something deep, rich, and lovely, without the addition of anything else. The mango butter somewhat dilutes the scent, but it comes out when it’s against your skin. Lime essential oil would be great, but since citrus essential oils make your skin highly photo sensitive, I elected to leave it out rather than create a sunburn body butter (which is responsible, but still sad).

How to Make Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

I also added a wee bit of shimmer. Just a tiny pinch of bronze mica. It’s totally optional, but I love it. There’s not nearly enough to make you look like you just had an accident during preschool craft hour, just enough to add a hint of shimmer (if that).

How to Make Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

It’s a nice, firm body butter—almost a balm. This means it’s hard to over-apply, which is always good. It leaves your skin beautifully smooth. I love it.

How to Make Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

Tropical Shimmer Body Butter

10g | 0.35oz mango butter
10g | 0.35oz virgin coconut oil
10g | 0.35oz cocoa butter
1g | 0.03oz vitamin E oil
1/32nd tsp bronze mica (optional)

Melt everything together in a small saucepan. Stir while it cools until it has started to become a bit opaque and has the texture of custard. Stir in the mica (if using), then pour it into a little tin. Let cool and enjoy!

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