I love Christmas, but the amount of waste it seems to require is getting to me. Even if you love and can use every single gift you receive, chances are they still come wrapped in something you’re probably not going to find very useful once you rip it off and recycle. Even if you are super-duper careful and unwrap your gifts like a nun so you can re-use the paper… well, seriously, who does that?

So this is my solution. Useful gift boxes. Ones people can re-use and easily re-gift, or keep and store stuff in. I started with some little cardboardy/paper mache boxes from Michaels. I think they were about $1.50 each. Then I got some blackboard paint (though I would recommend making your own) and some other silver acylic paint.

Paint the lid with three coats of blackboard pain, waiting at least an hour between coats. According to the directions on my highly overpriced tube of blackboard paint (found that tutorial a day too late, whoops) you need to let the paint cure for at least 24 hours before using it. And then rub some chalk on it to cure it some more, I guess.

Paint the bottom half of the box with the other paint. Once that’s all nice and dry, you can use chalk to write the name of the giftee on the lid. And then they can label the box and stuff. Cool.

I used some glue and rather a lot of glitter to fancy up the inside of the lids.

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