Getting Started

New to this whole DIY thing? No worries!

DIY for Beginners

Totally new to DIY? This article is for you. It’s full of awesome links, great starter projects, and more.

What ingredients will I need?

Here’s an ingredient overview and a couple great starter shopping lists to help you get started.

What equipment will I need?

From measuring spoons to spatulas, you’ll need some equipment to get started (you probably have most of it already).

Where to buy ingredients

You’ll need some ingredients—this page is full of links to places to shop all over the world.

Simple Starter Recipes

These recipes are a great place to get started—they don’t require too many ingredients, they come together easily, and they’re pretty much foolproof!

Earl Grey Face Mask

I thought we'd continue our Earl Grey theme today with this simple clay face mask that helps brighten the complexion and fade hyper-pigmentation left behind by healing acne. It's made from just a few simple ingredients that you almost certainly already have, comes...

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Calming Milk and Honey Face Mask

This past weekend I ran my first-ever 10km race! It was in Montreal, and it was proper hot last weekend—so hot they cancelled the full marathon out of safety concerns. The 10k race was at 8:45am and it was already somewhere between warm and hot when that started,...

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Vanilla Coco Body Lotion

This decadent Vanilla Coco Body Lotion smells wonderfully of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. I may or may not have spent an embarrassingly long time smelling my hands after testing it out for the first time (and after every subsequent use, if we're being honest)....

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Essential Reading

Learn about carrier oils, essential oils, solubility, substitutions, and more. I’ve also got clean-up tips, shopping lists, and all kinds of other helpful information.

On Throwing Things Away

I wanted to take some time today to talk about something I find harder than it should be, but something that has to happen: throwing DIY stuff away. Be it past-their-prime ingredients, dubiously useable products, mystery bottles, or packaging you swear you’ll be able...

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How to Scale Any Recipe

Recipe scaling is something I get a reasonable amount of questions about, so I thought I'd write out a how-to on how to scale any recipe so you can confidently make lots (or very little) of the things you love. I've also created a downloadable spreadsheet that you can...

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DIY Project Clean Up Tips

You might not guess it, but I get a surprisingly large number of questions about how to clean up DIY messes. Beeswax, shea butter, clays, and other assorted powders can make some pretty mighty messes that outclass a kid's pizza party pretty fast. Here's how I deal...

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DIY For Beginners

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions is to make more and buy less (well, buy less finished stuffs and more ingredients, that is), this is the post for you—especially if you're super new to this whole DIY thing. I'm going to walk you through which ingredients to...

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