Getting Started

New to this whole DIY thing? No worries!

DIY for Beginners

Totally new to DIY? This article is for you. It’s full of awesome links, great starter projects, and more.

What ingredients will I need?

Here’s an ingredient overview and a couple great starter shopping lists to help you get started.

What equipment will I need?

From measuring spoons to spatulas, you’ll need some equipment to get started (you probably have most of it already).

Where to buy ingredients

You’ll need some ingredients—this page is full of links to places to shop all over the world.

Simple Starter Recipes

These recipes are a great place to get started—they don’t require too many ingredients, they come together easily, and they’re pretty much foolproof!

Vanilla Coco Body Lotion

Vanilla Coco Body Lotion

This decadent Vanilla Coco Body Lotion smells wonderfully of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. I may or may not have spent an embarrassingly long time smelling my hands after testing it out for the first time (and after every subsequent use, if we're being honest)....

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Essential Reading

Learn about carrier oils, essential oils, solubility, substitutions, and more. I’ve also got clean-up tips, shopping lists, and all kinds of other helpful information.

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