This winter survival guide is coming to you from a Canadian girl who is not exactly one with winter. People constantly tell me that I’m the coldest person I know. I live in long underwear for eight months of the year (at a minimum). Most of my clothes are wool. I shiver in situations most humans consider perfectly comfortable. My coworkers gasp when they see my bare arms, and air conditioning is the enemy. I also live in a very dry climate—waking up parched in the middle of the night is not an uncommon occurrence, and my humidifier more than earns its keep. My soaps may age quickly, but my skin, lips, and body are in constant need of hydration. So, how do I survive winter? Here are my top tips and recipes 🙂

My Winter Survival Guide for Skin & Hair


When it’s dry, I need hydration from all directions. Step 1: drink tons of water (and hot tea). Step two? These recipes:

This serum is pure magic for my face. Not only does it hydrate my skin, but all the linoleic acid in the evening primrose oil helps my skin heal faster and behave better.

This pumpkin spice body lotion is an incredibly hydrating lotion that takes my skin from rough to silky smooth in an instant (and smells great to boot!).


Dry feet driving you mad? This foot butter is incredible. Readers have also had great success using it on bruises and other booboos—check out the comments!


I’m in love with how quickly this orange scented balm sinks into my skin. And, with it being dark almost all the time, I’m less worried about the photosensitizing effects of the orange wax in it.


Super rich avocado oil pairs up with soothing, moisturizing oat milk for a lotion that packs a serious dryness fighting punch.


I keep finding this lip balm in my pockets, probably because I love it so much. The colour is always lovely on cold days 🙂


I’m smitten with this minted rose lip balm. It smells amazing and is wonderfully soft and just—mmm! Potentially my all time favourite… though that’s pretty hard to say definitively!


Keeping dead, dry skin buffed away helps you keep my skin hydrated and helps keep me from going insane from dry, flaky lips and skin (arrrrrgh!). I’ll use everything from foot scrubs to lip scrubs to face masks to keep the argh at bay—these are some of my favourites:


The wee bit of pumice in this makes it perfect for buffing off patches of rough skin without feeling like you’ve been sandblasted.


A tub of this lives in my shower. It both buffs off dead skin and packs a serious moisturizing punch thanks to the oil in it—brilliant for January!


If you’ve got some free time, soak your feet in this and then buff the ever living bejeebus out of ’em. It’s both gross and fun! Follow up with some Rocky Mountain Foot butter 🙂

15-04-13-pic07I love lots of face masks, but this one is nice and gentle for those days when my skin is extra dry and mad at me.

Banish Static

Dry and/or staticky hair drives me straight up the wall (with my hair not too far behind!). I use these sprays and balms to stop static and prevent split ends and they work brilliantly.


For those days when I want a bit of shimmer with my tamed flyaways.


This hair balm is a perennial Humblebee & Me favorite, and for good reason. Loaded with great oils, a little goes a long way to sleek, healthy tresses.


Loaded with good-for-hair goodies, this hair milk is brilliant for dry hair, especially when applied directly after a shower.


The scent of this hair mist is downright intoxicating, and the mist will kick static butt in an instant.


If I’m going to stay in, it might as well be fun, right?


It’s like bathing in cocoa, pretty much. Bring it.


Dust up with silk and get in touch with your inner princess 😉


Or… dust up with cocoa and get in touch with your inner Willy Wonka!


This decadent lotion is so lovely I had to put it in the pampering section, though it’s also a fantastic hydrating lotion as well. I love the smell and it leaves my skin unbelievably happy.


This fragrant bath oil self emulsifies in your bath water to prevent lethal tub slips and leaves your skin super soft 🙂

Getting Out There

This isn’t really a recipe as much as general advice. Getting outside when the weather is good (alright, when it’s acceptable) is a great way to keep your spirits up. Go skating, go for a walk, go skiing—follow it up with cocoa and Bailey’s. Also, keep getting exercise. I love hot yoga as it’s an hour in my day when I know I’ll be warm, and I know I’ll feel fantastic for the rest of the day.

Tobyn's a big fan of getting out there!

Tobyn’s a big fan of getting out there!


It’s cliche, but it matters. Being miserable is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I’ve definitely noticed a big improvement in my winters by just deciding not to hate them. Loving them might be pushing it, but dragging myself into a puddle of winter hate is a good thing to avoid for a better winter. The Norwegians do this really well with “koselig”, which more or less means “cozy” and is a wonderful cultural thing that you should definitely read more about because it sounds downright lovely.

(I’m not talking about people who suffer from SAD or depression, those are obviously more than an attitude thing.)

Anything else?

Consider taking a vitamin D supplement, especially if you live somewhere far north (or south), like I do.

You might also considering blending up a bottle of Bandits Oil to help ward off germs. You can make it into a salve, diffuse it, add it to cleaners, use it to refresh upholstery, and more 🙂


Ok, those are my winter survival guide tips—what are yours?