A couple months ago I made a pretty awesome discovery—yogurt + my face. It’s not so much the yogurt as the probiotics that live in it; millions of little happy bacteria, living some sort of pastoral life in my fermented milk product. Well, that’s how I like to imagine them, at least. I figure Belle from Beauty and the Beast is just about to frolic through the field they graze in, singing about how she wants so much more than this provincial liiiiiiiife (why yes, I did recently go see the new live action version… why do you ask?). Anyhow; this mask. This mask combines probiotic goodness with soothing oats and pore de-junking clay for some awesome probiotic skin goodness. Prepare to fall in love.

How to Make a Yogurt Oat Face Mask

There’s just four ingredients in this mask, and one of them is water, so it’s pretty darn simple to make. You’ll start by thinning out a bit of yoghurt with some water. Make sure it’s plain yoghurt with lots of probiotics. I used fat free ’cause that’s typically what I have kicking around, but I think a fuller fat yoghurt would also be delightful.

For the powdery part we’re blending in some colloidal oatmeal and French green clay. Colloidal oats help soothe the skin and give the mask a bit of a gel-like texture, which is pretty groovy. They also help prevent it from getting too tight and itchy, which I always appreciate as I’m very prone to getting distracted and leaving my mask on for forty minutes.

I chose French green clay for this mask as my skin absolutely loves it, but if you have a different smooth, light clay (kaolin, another French clay, some of the lighter Australian ones, zeolite) you prefer, feel free to use that. You could use bentonite as well, but keep in mind you’ll need a fraction of the amount the recipe calls for as bentonite is insanely absorbent.

Once you’ve got that handful of ingredients all that’s left is whisk, apply, dry, and rinse off! I’ve found that introducing probiotics into my skincare routine has greatly reduced breakouts and sped up healing times, which are pretty much my top two goals with any skin care thing, so WOOOO! Enjoy 🙂

Yogurt Oat Face Mask

~ 1 tsp plain yogurt (make sure it’s the kind with probiotics!)
~1/2 tsp water

1/2 tsp colloidal oatmeal (USA / Canada)
~3/4 tsp French green clay (USA / Canada)

Whisk together the yogurt and water to make a thin yogurt slurry sort of concoction. Add the colloidal oats and whisk until smooth. Then, start sprinkling in the clay, a quarter teaspoon at a time, until you have a thick, creamy paste.

Spread the paste over your face and neck, and leave it to dry for approximately twenty minutes before rinsing off and following up with your favourite serum or cream. Enjoy!

Shelf Life & Storage

Because this mask is absolutely loaded with delicious bug food it must be made in single use batches and used immediately. No amount of preservatives will make it safe to store!