Can I leave the colourant out of this recipe?

It depends on the recipe, and the amount of colourant used.

If it’s a colour cosmetic, like a lipstick or blush, no. The colour is the entire point of the product, and it will comprise a pretty substantial portion of the formula. The rest of the formula will be designed around the inclusion of the pigment (typically to do things like offset the dry and powdery nature of pigments, or to increase the wear time of the pigments), so leaving them out is not a good idea.

If the product contains very little colourant and is strictly decorative you can replace it with a bit of extra liquid oil or water and carry on. Examples include:

  • Body/hand wash (replace with more water)
  • Liquid shampoo & conditioner (replace with more water)
  • Solid shampoo & conditioner (replace with more butter/fatty thickener)
  • A lip balm or body butter with a small amount of mica that is not intended to tint the skin (replace with more oil or butter)

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